Home a mess? Don’t stress. Post-Holiday Decluttering Tips for the New Year.

Happy New Year to you all.

I made a resolution to myself at the start of 2018 that this year I will do my best to declutter our home and have a really big sort out. I really like the idea of  being a minimalist and just having the basics and every day items that I need instead of all the clutter that we’ve accumulated over the years but I’m not sure how well that will work out with 3 children!

We’ve started the new year a little bit upside down in our house which is why I want to get on top of things and turn this house around. I’m sure it’s not just me that feels like this but now Christmas is out of the way and our double birthday celebrations are over our house is looking pretty cluttered. We’ve accumulated Christmas gifts and birthday gifts on top of our normal everyday stuff so it’s a little crazy at the moment and hard to find everything a new home. Our cat Felix is living proof that the toys really are taking over!


I’m only 10 days into January and have already made a start on bagging up any unwanted items ready to either sell or to give away. I’ve got clothes bagged up for the charity shop and have already donated a big bag of baby girls clothes to a friend. I’m working my way through each room bit by bit and it’s going to take time but I am determined to achieve my goal.

I was contacted a few days ago by a lady named Sophia who runs her own cleaning business in London and wanted to share an article she’s written on how to minimise cleaning when you’re a busy parent with children, Sophia offers some great tips and comes with many years of experience when it comes to cleaning and decluttering. I use a lot of these tips myself which are great for when you’re juggling work, kids and home life. Have a read and I hope you can take away a few of her tips and useful advice.

Time-saving ways to minimise the cleaning process when you have multiple kids

Parents of multiple kids often struggle with keeping their homes clean. Inevitably children make all types of messes and cleaning after them is a full-time job. These small bandits can’t be blamed and it is parents’ responsibility to ensure a healthy living environment for them. If you have had it with dealing with huge amounts of housework during the weekend, maybe the following tips will help you turn the situation around and decrease the time you spend cleaning. Every child is able to perform some simple domestic chores, so you can also involve yours into the home maintenance.
Declutter regularly
When it comes to a tidy home, this is imperative. Very often having kids means having numerous gadgets and useless items. If you haven’t done it recently, take a big plastic bag and inspect all rooms of your home for clutter. Get rid of all broken toys, empty packings or expired cosmetic products. Give away any old clothes or stuffed toys and make sure that you keep at home only things that you and your family actually use. Make sure to declutter once per week, this will significantly improve the condition of your house.
Decluttering means more free space, which gives a pleasant feeling. If there are any objects or items in your home that don’t have their own place, take your time and reorganise the cuboards and wardrobes. Keep the surfaces, shelves and worktops empty. This way, your kids won’t be able to scatter any kitchen or other items around the house. Plus, you will always know where to find what you need.
Avoid buying unnecessary things
Only parents with multiple kids know that shopping with the family can give you a headache. Children constantly want new toys, even if they will enjoy them for not more than 3 days. Instead of buying all types of interactive gadgets and toys, teach your kids that they need to appreciate what they have. Buying less means less clutter. Purchase only necessary for your family items and products. If there are too many things on the shelves and other surfaces, your home will look messy even if you clean it regularly.
Clean as you go
This is imperative if you want to decrease the amount of time you spend cleaning during the weekend. Always leave the kitchen area clean after cooking. When your family finishes with the dinner, wash the dishes and wipe the table. Tidy up a little bit of the common areas when necessary and regularly empty the rubbish bin. Don’t postpone for tomorrow what you can do today. In this way, next time when you need to clean the house it won’t be necessary to declutter or do some small preparations first.
30-minute clean up
Choose one day of the week and make a quick clean up. For example, when your children are sleeping, declutter a bit, hoover, fold the washed clothes, prepare the dirty ones for washing, hoover the floors, clean the kitchen cupboards and appliances, etc. No one likes dealing with huge amounts of housework at once. For 30 minutes you can accomplish a lot of domestic duties.
Teach your kids to help you
The sooner your kids understand that they also need to contribute to house maintenance the better. Moreover, if you clean together, the housework won’t be such a tedious and time-consuming task. By assigning small domestic chores to kids, you are helping not only yourself but the whole family. Cleaning is an educational activity and can help your kids acquire important skills.
I’d love to hear your cleaning tips and how you juggle keeping on top of the clutter.
Thanks for reading
Corina x

Farewell Timmy & Donkey Who

To my darling Alfie, I know how upset you were when our two little Elf friends Timmy & Donkey Who had to leave us to return back to the North Pole. I wanted to share with you all the good times we’ve shared and all the fun and mischief your little elves got up to. You’ll be able to cherish these happy memories until Christmas comes around again and we can all be re-united.


December 2017 Competition Wins

December’s been quite a good month on the winning front, the echo dot that I won back in November arrived at the start of December, I wrapped this up for Christmas for my boys Alfie & Charlie. It’s been such a great win and everyone loves it, although I am a little bit sick of hearing ‘House Every Weekend’ which is my four year old’s favorite song at the moment.

December the 1st brought a lovely little win from Instagram and was only day 1 of the Christmas advents starting. I won a lovely pamper set from Ice & Easy, the set included frozen cocktails, glitter nail varnish, a lush bath bomb, face cream, a face pack and some lovely hand cream.

Ice & Easy

On the 11th day of Christmas my true love gave to me……….. A lovely win on Facebook – a girls sports bundle from Everactiv. I got to select 2 girls t-shirts, a long sleeve top and some leggings from their website. I gifted these to my friend at work for her granddaughter.


The 13th of December brought a Twitter win from Happy Little Soles, this was from a Win it Wednesday competition. I won a lovely pair of Kidofit Roger vegan shoes.

On the 14th of December a mystery package arrived, I just love a mystery package, I’m still left wondering where this one came from. I can only guess it was from an advent competition because it was such a random prize. Wait for it…………………….. an electric pepper grinder, hooray! Just what I always wanted!

I received a lovely winning email on the 27th of December, I was just starting to give up on any further advent wins coming in. Over the Christmas period I managed to build up over 1500 emails in my inbox, it took a while to clear them but this win was so worth doing the tedious job of going through my emails. I don’t remember this advent competition but I’d entered so many that it doesn’t surprise me!

I won Day 21 for the One New Change Advent Calendar and I’ve won a Mariel bag in black thanks to L.K. Bennett which is worth £155, I think this is a prize that needs collecting so I’m not sure how or when I’m going to be able to collect this when the store is located in London.

My final win of 2017 is a small win and was low effort, on the 20th of December I spotted a competition running on Facebook with the company Cashino, you needed to take a picture of anything Christmassy, upload it to their post and leave a comment. I entered the photo below which is of my daughter Daisy. There were originally 3 prizes on offer, 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize but they decided to up the prizes and offered 25 runner up prizes too. I was lucky to win a runner up prize of a £10 voucher, they’ve not asked me where I want the voucher for so I’m waiting for them to confirm this. This one was quite a low entry competition and with many prizes on offer I stood a good chance of winning.


I’m so relieved the advent period is now over, I’d like to say I thoroughly enjoyed it but found there were so many competitions out there that it became a little stressful to try and keep up. I’m looking forward to starting the new year with a clean slate and can’t wait to get back to my normal competitions and my normal comping routine.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and here’s to lots of lovely wins in 2018. At the top of my list is a Cozmo robot for my sons birthday in April.

Thank You for reading and Happy New Year everyone

Corina xxx



Christmas Eve Boxes


I’ve never done anything like this before but was so excited at the idea, I absolutely love Christmas Eve and love the fact that it falls on a weekend so no working Christmas eve for me this year!

I thought it would a lovely surprise to present my boys with their boxes on Christmas Eve. I really wish this sort of stuff had been around when I was younger, I would have loved my parents doing this for me. Christmas is a magical time and receiving a gift on Christmas Eve is exciting for any child.

Christmas Eve can be a long day for a child that’s excited for Christmas day, they just want the day to over with so they can go to bed and wait for Santa to arrive with all the presents they’re wishing for.

To help speed the day along and to make the day extra special I’ve tried to find suitable items to pop into their Christmas Eve boxes. My boys like the same kind of things so I’ve brought them the same items just so there are no arguments! Alfie is 7 years old and Charlie is 4, I’ve found bits that are age appropriate for them both.

I picked up 2 large gift boxes with lids from the Card Factory priced at £3.99 each. I’m going to wrap all the individual items inside to make it more exciting and then wrap the boxes up too.

My favorite shops for little bits and bobs are Wilko, Poundland and The Works, these shops are great for cheap stocking fillers.

The first item going into their boxes are their Christmas Pyjamas from Next, I brought these back in November, I thought it would be lovely for them to have them on Christmas Eve so they can all be matching. Who doesn’t love new Pyjamas for Christmas? Even Daisy’s got a matching pair!

I’ve not done Daisy a box, she’s not really old enough to understand but it’ll be something we do next Christmas for her. I can’t wait to fill it will all pink girly stuff.

I picked up the following bits below in The Works – Christmas books (3 for £5), Christmas colouring activity packs (£1.50 each), a light up novelty Christmas teddy (£1 each) and a festive Christmas tree each filled with festive erasers (£1). My boys love little novelty gifts like these.

Next up are a couple of items from Wilko. Chocolate coins (£0.50) and a Smarties chocolate penguin (£0.50). Everybody needs a chocolate fix at Christmas!

Locally we have a news agents that’s called McColl’s, I hardly ever go into this shop but one day last week I needed to pop into the post office and our post office is at the back of the news agents. I spotted these Santa hats and Christmas rubix cubes which I thought were great for the boy’s boxes. Both items were £1 each.

The last few items I purchased were from the Pound Shop, we’ve got some Gingerbread shaped bath bombs (£1 each), I can’t wait to try these out in the boy’s bath and some glow sticks. I thought we could have a bit of fun with these at bed time in the dark. Hopefully they won’t be over excited when it comes to sleep time!

Pound Shop

I really hope the boys love their Christmas Eve boxes.


Thanks for reading

Corina xx

Daisy’s 11 Month Update



Well, here we are again! Daisy turned 11 months old on the 29th November. You know what that means. We are in countdown mode to her first birthday and accompanying birthday party. I really can’t believe it’s almost here, I’m trying to enjoy the last few weeks that we have left with a baby before she turns toddler. It creeps closer and closer to you and almost taunts you, and then it sneaks up on you and if you even so much as sneeze, you’ll miss it. I don’t want to blink and miss it.

I was due to take Daisy for her 9-12 month check at the health clinic but had to cancel on the day due to the sickness bug, in the space of 3 weeks Daisy’s had the bug 3 times and both boys have had it twice, I’m praying we’ve seen the end of it now so that we’re all better and healthy for Christmas. We’ve rescheduled but can’t get seen until January, it will just be a development review to see how Daisy is developing.

Daisy’s now got 10 teeth in total, 4 front ones at the bottom, 4 front ones at the top and her 2 back teeth at the top which have just come through, I’m sure babies don’t normally get these ones until a bit later on. I think more are on the way, we’re still getting lots of dribbling, everything is going in her little mouth and she’s even sucking on her little hands which is a sure sign.

Daisy still loves her breast milk and is still having her morning feed first thing, her evening feed just before bed and a couple of feeds during the night, Daisy is still waking through the night and has only slept all the way through the night twice in the space of 11 months, maybe one day I’ll get a full nights sleep!

Daisy loves feeding herself, all of a sudden she’s become miss independent and will only let me feed her porridge in the morning and yogurts. She’s totally gone off the baby food in jars, I don’t know if it’s from having the sickness bug and she’s playing it safe with what she eats or if it’s because she just wants finger foods so she can feed herself. She’s got this naughty habit at the moment of just chucking all her food off her highchair table when she’s had enough and no longer wants any more, every last bit ends up on the floor (cheeky little monkey). Daisy’s favorite foods at the moment are cheese sandwiches, chunks of cheese, quavers, yogurts, bananas, raisins and strawberries. In a few weeks time we can start introducing cows milk so hopefully we can drop a breastfeed or two.

Daisy has been regularly shocking me with how much she’s developing and changing. I really don’t even know where to begin. She’s started pulling herself up and is starting to cruise along furniture and continues to do that more and more each day. She loves to ‘dance’ and ‘sing’ and clap her hands when she hears music. She’s totally mastered the crawling and just loves to explore around the house, you have to watch her so closely now. Whenever she sees the cat she crawls straight up to Felix and try’s to grab him and stroke him, it’s amazing to see her recognize something that she loves and get excited about it.

We’re trying to get Daisy to blow kisses and give kisses but at the moment she just makes the kissing sounds which is so cute. She was so cute the other morning when I walked off in one direction to take Charlie to school and James walked off in the other direction with Daisy in the pram and with Alfie, Daisy started waving bye to me, I wish she would stop growing up, time is passing too quickly.


We currently have the Christmas tree up at the moment and Daisy loves making a bee line for the Christmas tree in her baby walker, it’s a good job it’s not a real tree this year, I don’t think we’d have any needles left by now. Every day Daisy grabs a different object off the tree, she’s had crackers, baubles, tree chocolates and today grabbed a candy cane which I had to take off her!

11 months 6

Daisy is incredibly curious and energetic and loves to explore what’s going on around her. Last month, she discovered that it was fun to empty all the toy boxes, she just enjoys taking things out of the baskets and boxes around her. She’s also begun to use her toys in more advanced ways and will now actively stack and un stack toys, sometimes uses the shape sorter properly and can put the balls into the right holes on her sea lion toy, she just loves to play along side Charlie which is lovely to watch, she loves the Happy Land toys the most. Her new favorite thing at the moment is opening drawers when she’s in her baby walker in the kitchen, she just loves getting out the oven glove and having a good munch on it, I things oven gloves are the new way forward for teething babies!


We have one very independent young lady on our hands, she is very determined when she wants something and loves to shout when she’s not getting her own way. She will finish her breakfast and then continue to shout at you until you give in and feed her your breakfast too (Little Miss Greedy). We are down to one nap a day which is normally a late morning nap. Weight wise Daisy is around 18 lbs and is quite petite for her age, definitely not chunky like her brothers were at this age.


We are so excited for the coming weeks, we have Daisy’s first Christmas and her first birthday to look forward to. I think we’ll be looking like a toy shop by the end of December!

I can’t wait to write Daisy’s 12 month update, I’m excited to see what she’ll be doing when she turns one. We’re planning to take her to Clarks shoe shop to get her measured for her first pair of shoes and I can’t wait to share Daisy’s 1st birthday party photos with you all.


Happy Christmas everyone and thank you for reading


Corina x x x


November Wins

You may have noticed that there wasn’t an October Wins blog post, unfortunately we had no wins througout October so I had nothing to write about. I guess wins are like buses, sometimes you get none and then 3 come all at once!

I finally have new wins to report, yay! All my wins for November came in the first 2 weeks of November. My first win came from a Facebook Competition and not the every day kind of company that you would follow on Facebook, this was a competition run with Quick Wills. It was a simple like, follow and then comment on which charity you would most like to help. I commented with my local preschool with them being a charity and both of my boys attended The Hermitage Preschool. I received a Facebook message on the 2nd November announcing that I’d won an Amazon Echo Dot. I was over the moon, this is one request on Alfie’s Santa list and he’s been talking about Alexa for ages, I can’t believe that I’ve won one.  I was so eger to wrap it up for Christmas when it arrived that I forgot to take a photo.

My second win came on the 6th November and was another Facebook competition, the sponsor was Printerinks and it was just a simple follow, like and comment. This won me a Self Stirring Mug! I’ve not actually tried this one out, I’ve wrapped it up for my brother for Christmas, he’s into his gadgets and loves a funny present so it was just up his street, it makes a great stocking filler. I’ll have to report back on this one.


My third and final win for November just randomly turned up, sadly there was no delivery note or letter so I have no idea where this came from or how I won it and is a Pop Art 3D Owl. This will be a stocking filler gift for one of my boys, I think it might be more age appropriate for Alfie. I always find it really annoying when promotors don’t enclose a letter with your win.


It’s the start of December as I’m writing this blog post and advent competitions are in full swing, I’ve tried my best to get myself up to date with my normal online competitions but we’ve all been hit with the sickness bug this week, I got hit with it on the 1st day of the advents so had to take a day off work sick. I was pretty much sofa bound but had my phone for company so tried to enter as many as I could which took my mind off feeling like death. We’re all on the mend now and I’m trying to get some kind of routine going with the advent comps, I really don’t want them to take over so I’ll try and take them at my own pace and just enter the ones I really want to win. I had a winning message on Facebook on day 1 so we’re off to a great start. Does anyone have any great tips for entering Advent competitions? if so, let me know in the comments.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of searching for Nintendo Switch competitions, Alfie’s got this on his Christmas list and I’d love to be able to win one for him (and for me!). If anyone knows of any competitions, let me know. I’ve brought a few comping magazines recently which have been running Nintendo Switch competitions, I’m keeping everything crossed on this one.

I don’t tend to do many effort competitions, with having 3 children there doesn’t seem to be much time for these but one competition that did catch my eye was a kids drawing/colouring competition on Channel 5’s Milkshake. The prize toy bundle is quite amazing and would be perfect for Daisy, it’s a Fisher Price Bright Beats bundle. The boys had to do a drawing of their favourite Milkshake character in a winter scene and are trying to win the prize bundle for their baby sister (they are so cute). Below are the boys entries, we’re keeping our fingers crossed tightly and will keep you posted if we win.

Charlie DrawingAlfie Drawing

Good luck with the advents if you’re a comperholic like me.

Thanks for reading

Corina x


Introducing Pure Freeze Dried Cat Food

This week we have had the pleasure of working with Pure Pet food, Felix is our pet cat and this week he gets to make a guest appearance on our family blog. Felix is 10 years old and right from him being a kitten he’s always been fussy with his cat food and will only eat Whiskers tinned cat food in gravy, he will not eat any other brand, he also loves his fresh cooked chicken and goes mad for tuna, so quite a fussy cat!

We were asked if we would like to try out and review a new brand of cat food which is made by Pure Pet Food. Pure Pet Food make it their mission to make healthy  choices easy for pet owners and make a range of air-dried, dehydrated and freeze-dried pet foods.

We were sent 2 boxes of freeze dried cat food for Felix to try out, we were sent a box of Surf & Turf and a box of Whisker Lickin’ Chicken. Felix was very inquisitive when I started opening the box and he was very happy to sit and pose for a photo!

We decided to try the Whisker Lickin’ Chicken first, I wasn’t sure if Felix would be interested but he just wouldn’t leave me alone whilst opening the box and was meowing his little head off, he was even trying to eat the food before I’d mixed in the water, it must have smelt good to him. The instructions are really easy to follow and give you guidelines on how much to measure out depending on the size of your cat and also instruct on how much water to add.

The food was really easy to make, I just needed to measure out the exact amount using the plastic scoop provided and then measure out warm water using the same scoop. This is the first time that we’ve tried a new brand of cat food that Felix has thoroughly enjoyed and eaten. I could tell he was really enjoying it because he licked his bowl clean without a trace left so a big thumbs up from Felix.


Pet’s are provided with the natural goodness and nutrients found in raw and homemade food. Freeze drying removes the moisture from natural and human grade ingredients, locking in the nutrients and goodness whilst preserving them. You simply add water and serve, creating a meal similar to a fresh or home prepared diet. I would say these are great for fussy cats and cats with sensitivities.

All of Pure’s meals are made with 100% fresh human grade ingredients and are lovingly made at Pure’s very own human grade food facility in Yorkshire. Pure’s freeze dry technology allows for the preservation of meat with zero exposure to high temperature and pressure, retaining a real meat texture with zero preservatives and with no need to store in a freezer

The standards in making Pure are so high that they are regulated by both the human and the animal food authorities. Pure foods contain no grains or gluten and are high in protein, ensuring a healthy balanced diet. With Pure’s pet food you just add water, this unique process gives Pure all of the advantages of both wet & dry food. Adding water allows the food to expand in the bowl rather than the stomach making it easier to chew and helping to prevent bloating, whilst reducing the risk of dehydration. At the same time like a good quality dry food Pure is super easy to store and has a great shelf life.

Felix is definitely converted and loves his new cat food, we’ve introduced 1 meal of Pure a day along side his normal cat food to get him used to his new food and will gradually convert him over fully over the next few weeks. Our local Pets at Home stock the Pure pet food and it can also be purchased direct from the Pure website.



Felix says “It’s lip smacking good” so go give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.


Thanks for reading

The Mann Clan x


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Christmas is well and truly here in the Mann household, we’re a little early this year, we normally buy our real Christmas tree on the last weekend of November but sadly this year we’re not having one. We paid a visit to our local garden centre which made us feel all festive and really put us in the Christmas mood.

This year we have baby Daisy and because she’s just started crawling we thought it would be safer to go with an artificial tree this year, so no needle dropping this year. Daisy’s at the stage where everything goes in the mouth and I really don’t want her putting tree needles in her mouth and I don’t think a real tree would make it to the 25th of December with the way she’s bashing about in her baby walker!

Our advent calendars are hanging up ready and the boys are super excited to start opening those doors! We’re super excited for the 1st of December.

Today is the 26th November and today marks the 4 week countdown to Christmas, so 4 weeks today it will be Christmas eve! Yikes, I’m so excited! I’ve brought quite a few Christmassy bits over the last couple of weeks, I probably go a little over the top but I always strive to make the perfect Christmas and to make it extra special and magical for the little ones, my excuse is that it only happens once a year.

We popped to our local B&Q store to look at Christmas trees, I can’t believe how expensive they can be, there was a really beautiful one that was really realistic looking but was around £120 and we didn’t want to spend that much on a tree when it’s only going to be for this Christmas, next year I think we’ll return back to our normal tradition of buying a real tree. James picked the tree and settled on a tree for a bargain of £30 (he’s a bit tight when it comes to parting with his money!). I have this love/hate relationship with the tree but it will do. James really wanted a white tree but I had to reign him in a bit! White is really not my cup of tea, give me a traditional green one any day.

I’ve finally picked out a frame for my completed snowman cross stitch and I’m so proud of how it looks now it’s finished and framed, it was certainly worth the effort stitching it. The white wooden square frame was a bargain £4 from Wilko.

Xmas 2

Debenhams had a sale on recently so I treated myself to a Christmas throw which is the Red Fair Isle print fleece throw and was £19.60 in their sale. I liked the idea of jazzing up my old boring sofa in the kitchen and turning into a cozy Christmas sofa, we now have a lovely cozy corner right by the Christmas tree. I’ve also brought some Christmas cushion covers off Ebay and Amazon for the sofa, I can’t believe how cheap they are to buy. I decided to just buy just the covers and I’ll put them over some old cushions to jazz them up for Christmas. (I’ll post pictures when my cushions have arrived).

A few days ago something magical happened over night! The boys woke to find 2 little elves sitting in the Christmas tree sent from The North Pole. A week ago we finalized the boys letters to Santa and Alfie asked Santa in his letter if we could adopt an elf for Christmas (I think this tradition started last year in his class at school). We’ve still got to fill out the adoption details online but we’ve adopted Timmy and Donkey Who (Don’t ask!) this was Charlie’s choice. The elves sit and watch everything that’s going on and report back to Santa every night when the boys have gone to bed and return back each morning. There’s certainly been a bit of mischief with this pair of elves!


These arrived yesterday, I’ve brought matching tops for the boys and also one for James, these were from Next and they have a lovely Christmas family range where you can all be matching. I’ve not told James yet, I’m going to surprise him on Christmas day when I present this to him, I just thought it would add to the fun to have all the boys matching. Thank you Next for thinking outside the box and creating this fantastic range.


This year I’m going to make up some Christmas Eve boxes, I know it’s an American tradition but I love the idea of presenting the kids with a box of treats on Christmas eve, I’m going to do a separate blog post when I’ve done them and I’ll share with you what’s going inside each one. I’m thinking along the lines of new Christmas Jammies, some Christmas chocolate bits like chocolate coins, some Christmas books and maybe some hot chocolate and marshmallows for a Christmas eve treat. I’d love to know if anyone else does this and what you put in your boxes.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a festive Costa cup! I got really excited when I saw these, hot chocolate and marshmallows at this time of year are just the best. Me and my sis had a cheeky Costa and it was bliss, this has become our guilty secret.



Thanks for reading and we’ll be back soon with some more festive fun xxxxx


My Baby Girl is 10 Month’s Old!

Little Daisy is 10 months old. Can you believe it? It feels like just yesterday when I was pushing her into the world and to our shock and surprise she entered the world feet first!


In less than two months, I will have a one year old girl. Can I still call Daisy a baby when she turns one? Please tell me yes! I’m not ready to stop calling her my baby girl and kind of wonder if I will ever truly be ready?

Daisy’s strength has improved so much this past month, she can bomb around the kitchen in her baby walker, she can open cupboard doors and she just loves practicing walking with you, she’s learnt how to put one foot in front of the other and just looks so proud. I can’t wait to take her shoe shopping soon and get her measured for her 1st pair of shoes.

Movement wise Daisy still isn’t crawling properly but does this funny kind of army crawl and certainly knows how to get to her target. We also have a little bum shuffler, I’m amazed how fast this lady can move just on her little bottom! Who needs crawling hey? This little bunny has rejected crawling and has found her own technique to be independent, some days I think about attaching cloths to her bum so she can clean the floor at the same time! We’ve also had lots of pulling up on furniture, Daisy’s trying to stand up at every given opportunity.

We learned how to clap a few months ago and Daisy loves clapping so much still!! Pat-a-cake is her absolute favorite game and she just sits there clapping forever and gets the biggest, cheesiest smile. It just melts my heart when I see her interacting with Mr Tumble on the TV or Teletubbies, she sits there clapping and waving and it’s just lovely. Daisy just loves the TV (as do I), she loves any kind of fun theme songs and the Go Jetters are becoming one of her favorite theme songs, she’s so funny to watch sitting there bopping along to the music doing her little dance.

Daisy now weighs 18 pounds and is still in the 30th percentile but she’s growing slowly. She’s just a tiny little thing. Daisy is mainly in 6-9 month clothes. The 9-12 month clothes are still pretty big on her but I’m sure she’ll grow into them soon. Daisy is on 3 meals a day with snacks in between, Daisy loves yogurts, she gets all excited when she sees her little yogurt pot come out of the fridge and will pretty much eat anything that you give her, she’s not shy at trying new foods, I just hope this continues when she’s a little bit older. Daisy still takes one milk feed from me first thing in the morning, drinks juice or water throughout the day (mainly with me being back at work), and has a milk feed just before bed and still wakes 2-3 times throughout the night for comfort feeds. I really need to start dropping these but it’s easier said than done, sometimes you just do these things because they work, controlled crying and sleep training will be hard in our house especially with 2 sleeping boys in the next room.

Daisy now has 7 teeth in total, they just keep on coming! she does look funny now that she’s got little teeth, they just make her even cuter. Her big brothers are always on hand to help brush her little teeth.

Daisy is having just the one nap now which is around 10am and has decided to drop her afternoon naps, by 6pm when I get home from work she’s just absolutely knackered. I got home today and she was flat out and asleep so I never got to spend any time with her, we’ll make up for that tomorrow with me not working Tuesdays and Wednesdays, me and Daisy Doo are going to hit the shops and try and finish our Christmas shopping, I want to be done and dusted by mid November so we can then relax and enjoy the festivities. It also gives me more time to concentrate on planning Daisy’s first birthday party. I’ll share more with you at a later date.

Daisy’s also started saying a few more words, the usual – ‘hi’,’mama’, ‘bye bye’ and I think at one point I heard her say cat. She absolutely loves Felix our cat, she gets so excited when she sees him, she just makes a beeline for him when ever he enters the room.

Life is challenging with 3 children and exhausting, even more so now I’m back at work, there’s just endless washing and cleaning and the house constantly looks like Toys R Us but I wouldn’t have it any other way, there’s never a dull day in our house.  I’m looking forward to a crazy family Christmas but in a way I’m worried about where all the new toys are going to go, I think we definitely need to have a sort out to make way for new stuff.

The Jumperoo is going to have to be put away soon, I’m holding out until the end of November if I can, it’s been a great purchase and was well worth the money but Daisy just doesn’t seem interested anymore, she doesn’t want to be stuck in one place, she wants to be on the move and exploring which makes me sad about the Jumperoo but needs must and the Christmas tree’s got to go somewhere.

I think that’s everything for this month, we’ve got a couple of exciting months to come and I still can’t believe Daisy is going to be one. OMG!

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‘Best of Christmas’ Hamper from Prestige Hampers

We received a gorgeous Christmas hamper from Prestige Hampers to review. We received the ‘Best of Christmas‘ hamper which retails at £69.99. The hamper is filled with delicious fine foods and wine and plenty of sweet treats for all the family to enjoy.

The ‘Best of Christmas’ hamper comes in a lovely festive designed convenient, sturdy and 100% recyclable postal box and has been carefully packed to avoid any damage. We were really impressed with the contents that we received, there were plenty of luxury items that have been selected for their taste and quality.


The hamper includes;

Ardens Green & Black Olive Twists 100g
Barfield Bakery Mince Pies x 4
Border Divinely Chocolatey Cookies 150g
Brown Bag Crisps Smoked Bacon Crisps 150g
Crunch Craving Spicy Peanuts 85g
Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company Medium Roast Coffee 113g
Farmhouse Biscuits Luxury Sticky Toffee Pudding Butter Biscuits 150g
Lily O’Briens Sticky Toffee Chocolates 110g
Linden Lady Handmade Fudge 115g
Oloves Chili & Garlic Ripe Black Pitted Olives 30g
The English Provender Co. Plum & Bramley Apple Chutney 300g
The Original Cake Company Top Iced Slab Cake
Yorkshire Popcorn Salt & Sweet Popcorn 40g
Stas Small Milk Chocolate Bauble 75g
Simpkins Festive Fruit Drops 200g
Merlot Rio Rica Central Valley Chile 75cl
Sauvignon Blanc Rio Rica Central Valley Chile 75cl


Myself and James really enjoyed trying out the luxury medium roast coffee with a luxury mince pie to go with it. The boys enjoyed trying the Border Divinely Chocolatey Cookies, I tried these too and they are just so tasty and just melt in your mouth. We’re saving the Christmas fruit cake and the Sauvignon Blanc for Christmas day.

I would definitely recommend this hamper, it’s perfect for if you want to try something a bit different and really want to indulge over the festive period, there’s something for everyone and the hamper comes with a good variety of different foods. I just love the festive box which I’m going to re-use, it’s just too nice to throw away and I also love the personalized message on the box, it really brightened my day and made me smile, thank you David.

This fabulous hamper will make a lovely gift for friends, family or even a corporate gift for your clients or staff. This would make the ideal gift for that one family member that’s always difficult to buy for, I’m sure we all come up against this problem every year!

Prestige Hampers sell a wide range of hampers to suit every ones needs & budget with something for everyone. Prestige Hampers are fantastically priced and are definitely value for money, I would definitely buy a hamper like this as a gift and if anyone wants to treat me to one for Christmas then I will be the happiest mummy on Christmas day, hint hint!

The service, communication and delivery I have received with Prestige Hampers as been excellent, I can’t fault them in any way and I look forward to using them in the near future.

Please go check them out, you won’t be disappointed.