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16 Month Daisy Update

Only two more months until my princess is 1 and a half years old!!! I still can’t believe she is 1 never mind nearly 1 and a half. Today as I write this Daisy is 16 months and 2 weeks old and I can’t believe she’s getting closer to the 18 month mark. Last weekend which was the bank holiday weekend for us (5th May 2018) was the first weekend of Daisy fully walking, she’s finally reached the wonderful milestone of walking.


We’ve finally been able to get Daisy’s feet measured and brought her first pair of Clark’s shoes and a great time to buy them too with a 50% off sale, now that’s what you call a result! Daisy is a size 3.5 wide and simply adores her new pink patent shoes, I never thought I would ever be buying little girls shoes! Every morning Daisy goes to get her shoes and wants to put them on, even when she’s still in her pyjamas, she absolutely loves them and never wants to take them off.


This month has definitely been the month of tantrums … As she’s growing up, she suddenly seems to think she’s old enough/big enough to make every decision herself and to do whatever it is she wants. It’s been challenging but it’s also been really great seeing Daisy start to develop in to her own person! She’s definitely a head strong little miss.

She also seems obsessed with sitting on me, next to me, cuddling me and just generally touching me. Which to be honest I am loving but it’s hard to get things done. I know she won’t be small for long though so I’m enjoying the cuddles while I can. Saying that she does still play on her own very well and is normally less grumpy when I’m out of the room.

Daisy’s still sleeping through the night and started doing this when we stopped breastfeeding at 13 months, she goes to bed between 6.30-7.00pm and wakes around 6.45am. I pop her into her sleeping bag and lay her down with Ewan the sheep turned on and she’s got her favorite comforter too which she won’t sleep without and then I leave the room, Daisy’s so good at settling herself. We’ve only had a few occasions where Daisy’s been unsettled in the night and that was about a month ago when she was teething again, two more teeth have popped through at the bottom on each side, I’ve tried counting Daisy’s teeth and can roughly count around 16 in total.

Daisy’s eating’s improved a lot since Christmas, I think over December she was off her food quite a bit due to teething. Daisy loves Weetabix with warm milk for breakfast and always starts and ends her day with a bottle of warm full fat cows milk, she can now say Bot Bot. Some of Daisy’s favourite foods are sandwiches with cheese, jam or Philadelphia soft cheese, she loves quavers, yogurts, strawberries, grapes, raisins, carrots, peas, chocolate and chips.

Daisy’s vocabulary is coming on really well, a few of the words she can say at the moment are mama, dadda, hi, bye, cat (makes really cute meow noises), car, Peppa, bot bot, row row row, and Gaga (yes this was from Lady Gaga being on the tv one day). She’s also got her own little babble which is really cute.

Daisy’s down to 1 nap a day and naps in the morning around 11am, she then powers through until bed time. Daisy loves pushing her little dolls pushchair around the kitchen, now that she’s discovered walking this is her favorite thing to do, she just does lap after lap and never seems to get tired or bored of it, she loves putting her favorite teddy in the pushchair too, I think this certainly tires her out for bedtime.

Here’s Daisy’s 16 month update and what she’s achieved:

  • We had our first trip to the shops now that Daisy can walk and she moaned until I let her out of her pushchair, she walked the whole way around Savers the shop independently.
  • She’s such a chatter box babbling away although her vocab is pretty limited
  • She loves dancing to music, definitely takes after her dad!
  • She’s learnt that food she doesn’t want goes in the bin and likes to try to put it in the bin herself
  • Daisy loves to do the actions to row row row your boat and round and round the garden
  • She claps when she thinks she’s done something good and always looks so proud
  • Says bot bot when she wants milk
  • Gives cuddles to her dolls and gives them kisses, she’s just so adorable. She also likes to feed them their bottles
  • She can now climb on all our sofas and the outside patio chairs, loves to stand up on them and frighten the life out of you
  • She regularly pinches your food (but refuses to eat her own)
  • We’ve tried headbands and hair clips which stay in for a whole 1 minute
  • Loves rocking her pink Daisy duck sunglasses when out and about, she thinks she looks cool like her dad
  • Likes to go up to Felix our cat and say “Meow”
  • Said the word “Asda” when Asda arrived to deliver our shopping
  • Loves the park and the swings
  • She’s a little copy cat now!
  • Every Tuesday we go to toddler group, Daisy doesn’t mix with the other children yet but that will come in time.
  • Loves to pinch your mobile phone or the boys tablets when you’re not looking
  • Loves playing with Happy Land and Playmobil



That’s it for Daisy’s 16 month update, thanks for reading xxx

The end of my breastfeeding journey

I’m sad to be writing this but I wanted to document my journey of weaning off breastfeeding to help support other mum’s out there that are trying to stop breastfeeding. It’s a really difficult thing to do and it’s really challenging to stop breastfeeding and with it comes a whole load of mixed feelings and emotions.

Daisy is coming up to 14 months old and I decided in January that I wanted to start cutting down her breastfeeds and start to slowly wean her off completely. I made this decision based on a few different factors, I think Daisy is at the right age to start doing this, both my boys were weaned off by 13 months, Daisy now as 13 teeth and sometimes feeding can hurt a little and I also have my sister’s hen weekend coming up in March which will mean leaving Daisy from Friday to Monday which I’ve never done before. I want to be confident leaving her with James knowing that she’s not dependent on me for milk.

It’s been an eventful journey but most certainly one I’ve enjoyed and will be sad to end. The first few weeks of breastfeeding didn’t come easy, I had sore and cracked nipples from Daisy not latching on properly, you’d think having had two children previously that I would just pick it up naturally. I will most certainly say that breastfeeding is a skill that you learn and with each baby you have to start back at the beginning and lean that skill all over again.

Not only did I suffer with the pain and agony of cracked nipples but I also developed mastitis which meant a course of antibiotics for me and more agony. After all of this had settled down more breast pain developed and both me and Daisy had to have treatment for thrush. Daisy had to have oral drops and I had to have a steroid cream.

Once all the bad stuff was out of the way breastfeeding was a doddle and just became second nature, we are now 14 months in and I couldn’t be more prouder of myself for sticking it out despite what people were telling me. On many occasions people told me to switch to bottles, telling me that Daisy would be better off and would sleep better but I stuck at it and I’m so pleased I carried on.

Daisy had her very last breastfeed on the 29th January which marks her 13 month milestone, Daisy’s transitioned really well and doesn’t seem to be too bothered anymore. We now have a new routine which consists of a morning bottle of warm cow’s milk, a mid morning bottle around 11am, an afternoon bottle around 2.45pm and her last bottle of the day around 6pm when I arrive home from work.

Daisy happily sits on the rug in the kitchen and drinks her milk by herself, we then say goodnight to everyone and go up to bed, I pop her into her sleeping bag and then lay her down in her cot. Tonight she played up when I left the room so I had to ask James to settle her. He just came in the room, gave Daisy a cuddle and then settled her down, for some strange reason she just settles but if it’s me trying to settle her she just cries and cries until I give in and rock her to sleep in my arms. I think the new way forward is for James to do the bedtime routine.

I logged a diary of our final feeding journey and I hope it helps for other parents going through the same experience that we went through.

We were at the point where Daisy would have a morning breastfeed shortly after her breakfast, an evening bedtime feed to help her drop off to sleep, sometimes one at 10pm if she ever woke up and 2-3 feeds through the night to help settle her back to sleep.

On the first day of deciding to take action which was a Thursday I decided to drop the morning breastfeed first, I thought this would be an easy one to drop and keep the most important ones until last. On Thursday night Daisy had her 6pm bedtime feed as normal and another at 2am. I decided that I wouldn’t do any more feeds throughout the night after the 2am one. Daisy woke at 5am, I tried to settle her back to sleep but ended up having to leave the room with no success and had to leave her to cry it out, she got very worked up and was screaming. Daisy cried herself back to sleep 15 minutes later.

On Friday evening Daisy had a feed at 6pm and 10pm, Daisy woke at 2am, I went into her room to settle her and when I picked her up she started pulling my hair, hitting me and scratching at my face because I wouldn’t give her what she wanted, it was very hard to have to go through and my heart was breaking but I needed to stay strong and stay focused on the end goal. Daisy ended up waking up Alfie and James, in the end James had to swap roles with me and managed to settle Daisy and get her back off to sleep.

On Saturday Daisy went to bed at 7pm so had her feed at this time and then another feed at 10pm, Daisy woke once which was at 2am, our new approach was to send James in through the night and settle Daisy, this seemed to work like magic, he managed to settle her straight away with no crying and Daisy went back to sleep, all he did was pick her up, give her a cuddle and then put her back down in her cot.

On Sunday this was such a turning point for us, after months of battling to get Daisy to take a bottle I decided when I got up with Daisy at 6am to try her with a bottle again, I warmed up some full fat cow’s milk in her Tommee Tippee bottle and sat Daisy on my knee, I gave her a cuddle and had her lying in my arms. I offered her the bottle and just slightly positioned her back so that we could tip the bottle up. Daisy held the bottle herself and finally started sucking and drank the whole bottle, she loved it that much that she even polished off a 2nd bottle of milk. I can’t tell you how happy I was to see this. For a few months now we’ve tried different bottles and beakers and different types of formula. I think the winning combination is cow’s milk in a bottle with a breast like teat, beakers seemed to flow too fast and Daisy likes the comfort of sucking. For anyone trying to make the transition from breast to bottle I would probably wait until your child is 12 months old and is able to take cow’s milk, Daisy just didn’t like any formula milk I offered her. Health visitors will tell you to use a beaker but if a bottle works when make the transition then go with what works. It’s much harder to transition from breast to bottle than bottle to beaker, you can always work on moving over to a beaker at a later date.

I breastfed Daisy a little earlier than planned which was at 5pm, this was because I’d started to get engorged on my left side from dropping some of the night-time feeds. I gave Daisy the right side at 6pm just before bed and another feed at 10pm.

Daisy woke through the night at 12pm, 2am and 4am, James settled her the first 2 times and I tried to settle her at 4am which didn’t work, Daisy just screamed until James came in and settled her with no problems.

On Monday morning Daisy woke at 7am, I gave her a small bottle of warm cow’s milk and then had her porridge for breakfast. Daisy’s day time bottles were just going to be down to trial and error and we would just see what worked. Daisy had another bottle of milk at 3pm, we also give Daisy water and juice throughout the day. Daisy had her normal breastfeed at bedtime and woke twice in the night, James got up both times to settle her.

On Tuesday Daisy woke at 7 and had cow’s milk throughout the day and her breast milk for bedtime. We had a breakthrough on this day and Daisy slept through the night without waking once, the hard work was starting to pay off.

By Wednesday we were down to just 2 breast feeds (6pm and 10pm). We decided to wait until the weekend to work at dropping the 10pm feed. On Friday night when Daisy woke at 10pm James went in to settle her and she was just fine, she went straight back to sleep. We did a whole week of this and I managed to drop the 10pm feed and was just left with the 6pm bedtime feed. My advice would be to drop 1 feed per week or longer just so your body can adjust and for your milk supply to adjust.

A week later I decided to take the plunge and drop the 6pm feed, I was at a point where feeding Daisy was getting a bit uncomfortable and I knew Daisy wasn’t feeding for the milk supply, she was just using me as a comforter to aid her to sleep. I offered Daisy a bottle of warm cow’s milk just before 6pm and then took her up to bed. I popped her into her sleeping bag which she now associates with bedtime and just settled her in her cot. I say goodnight to her, give her a kiss and then walk out the room. Daisy now settles herself to sleep and is finally sleeping through the night, she will go to bed at 6pm and wakes around 6.45pm. I can’t tell you what a great feeling it is to now have Daisy sleeping through the night.

After 3 days of stopping Daisy’s final breastfeed I started to experience a lot of discomfort and was starting to get engorged. Every time the pain got too much I would express a little bit of milk out with a manual breast pump, just enough to make myself more comfortable. The body works on a supply and demand system so I always tried to take out as little as possible, day 4 I reduced the amount of milk I expressed until my body realized that the demand was no longer there. The most uncomfortable days for me were days 4, 5 and 6. After day 8 everything had gone back to normal and felt fine. There is no harm in expressing a bit of milk if it helps to make you feel more comfortable, my advice would be to express and then reduce the amount of time you spend expressing.

I hope my breastfeeding journey’s helped, I remember feeling like there was no end in sight and that I would be breastfeeding for many more months, I think once you have a plan of action, run with it, be strict and stick at it. There are hard times ahead and I won’t lie, seeing Daisy screaming and lashing out was not easy and was quite upsetting but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I wish you every success if you’re a breastfeeding mum trying to make the transition from breast to bottle and I’m here to help and support if you ever want to contact me.

Sorry this was a lengthy blog post, thank you for getting this far and sticking around until the end.

Thanks for reading

Corina xxx




Daisy’s 12 Month (One Year!) update

I’ve finally managed to find some time to sit down and write Daisy’s 12 month update. We’ve finally made it to the 1 year milestone and we’ve survived a whole year as parents to 3 children!

On the 29th of December little Daisy duck turned one, I can’t believe how fast her 1st year went, we have so many lovely memories of our first year together as a family of three and can’t wait for all the adventures that are yet to come.

Since hitting the 1 year milestone Daisy is definitely starting to show her independence, we do have the odd temper tantrum here and there and obstinacy to do things her way or not at all. At one time Daisy would let you feed her a banana but now if she can’t hold it herself then she doesn’t want it! Goodbye baby, hello toddler!

Daisy’s new game at the moment is standing up in her cot and emptying out all the nappies from the cot pockets. Daisy takes great delight in watching you stoop to pick them up, time and time again. Daisy also loves clapping along to pat-a-cake and loves rowing with you to row,row, row your boat and can say “row, row, row” which is just so cute.


Daisy loves to give you a toy as well as take one and likes games where she can put things, such as blocks in containers and then tip them out. We love stacking cups up so she can then knock them down. I think she’s definitely developed a love for trains, she sits lovely with her big brother Charlie playing with trains and Thomas Minis and she loves to follow him around the kitchen.

At 12 months of age Daisy can pull herself up on furniture into a standing position and can cruise around the furniture. She loves to walk with you holding her hands and loves her new ride on toys that she received for her birthday, she’s already learnt how to push herself along on them. Daisy’s favorite word to say at the moment is “That” and then points at an object, I think she’s heard us say “what’s that” quite a bit and is now copying, she even uses it in the right context.

Daisy’s daily routine hasn’t changed much from last month except for the fact that she is now pretty much down to one nap a day, she only tends to sleep for an hour tops and then gets quite grizzly in the late afternoon. Her bedtime is still around 6pm and she still doesn’t sleep through the night, I can only live in hope!

This week I’ve decided to try and cut down on breastfeeds, I really want to sleep train Daisy so she’s not waking me up 3-4 times through the night, at the moment I have to comfort feed her back to sleep but need for her to try and settle herself back to sleep. I have my sister’s hen weekend in March and want to be able to go away for the weekend and have some quality me time. I’ve started with dropping Daisy’s morning feed and we are just left with the 6pm bedtime feed and the feeds through the night. We are still trying to get Daisy to take cows milk and we are still persisting with her beaker but she just seems to play with it, we’ve tried it warm and cold with no success. Stopping the feeds are proving difficult, I’ve had many screaming fits through the night when I say no to breastfeeding but then end up feeding Daisy just so I can get her back to sleep and get some sleep for myself, we are certainly up against a challenge! It’s so hard when you have very little sleep and have to go to work the next day. It doesn’t help that Daisy is now refusing her dummy, she’s not had her dummy for about 4 weeks now, sometimes I wish she would have one for comfort but on the other hand I should take this as a blessing that she’s no longer dependant on one, just dependent on me though!

I am SO proud of myself that I completed my goal of a year because I remember how hard it was in the beginning and how badly I wanted to give up. We started out with a few obstacles from cracked nipples, mistitis and a case of painful thrush but have come out the other side and made it through despite people telling me that I should stop and switch to bottles, but I’m so glad I didn’t and I can tell you right now that it was absolutely worth it. Research has shown that breastfed babies have the natural ability to tell when they are satisfied/full and I have definitely seen this with Daisy in how she eats regular food – it’s amazing!

We have recently had a phase of fussy eating where Daisy’s not wanted to eat her usual daily foods that we feed her and she won’t even entertain shop brought baby food, thankfully it seemed to be a phase and she’s back to eating normally again but she’s becoming quite fussy with food, she never used to be and would eat everything but sadly those days seem to be gone and we now have a stubborn little lady!

Daisy’s got quite a few teeth now, 12 in total to be exact, we have all eight front teeth and 4 back teeth (two top back and two bottom back). We’ve had a rough couple of weeks over the last couple of weeks with teething, I think the back ones coming have really caused some discomfort. We’ve started good habits early and we clean Daisy’s teeth daily with a special toothbrush and toothpaste, she is starting to become quite stubborn now though, she used to let us brush them but now it’s a battle to get her to open her mouth and throws a tantrum when you refuse to give her the toothbrush.

Weight wise Daisy now weighs 7.6 kg which is 16.75lbs and now sits on the 50th percentile line instead of the 25th percentile line in her little red health record book, the health visitor checked Daisy’s weight at her 1 year review and she doesn’t have any concerns, she said that Daisy’s quite petite, so different to how her chunky brothers were at this age! She measures 73cm in length and remains on the 25th percentile line and her head circumference is 47cm which puts her on the 91st percentile line and as been consistent since birth.

Daisy is still in clothes aged 9-12 months and was really spoilt at Christmas with lots of lovely new clothes in the next size up because being the only girl we only have boys clothes put away so have had to start from scratch with clothes for Daisy. We have now moved into size 4 nappies and we still love Aldi’s Mamia nappies and wipes and occassionally use Asda’s Little Angels nappies if we can’t get to Aldi.

We have no walking yet but I don’t think it will be long, I can’t wait to go out and buy Daisy her first pair of shoes, it’s such a special milestone buying first shoes.

For Daisy’s birthday we spent most of the day at home opening presents and playing with new toys, I can’t believe my little girl now owns 4 dolls, I have to pinch myself everyday that we have been blessed with a little girl, it’s so lovely having a bit of pink in the house after having 2 boys. We had a bit of lunch out at our local pub and popped in to my dad’s for a cup of tea and a catch up. We saved the big birthday celebrations for Daisy’s party which was on the 30th December, I’m going to do a separate blog post on Daisy’s 1st birthday party and can’t wait to share it with you.

Thanks for reading

Corina x

Home a mess? Don’t stress. Post-Holiday Decluttering Tips for the New Year.

Happy New Year to you all.

I made a resolution to myself at the start of 2018 that this year I will do my best to declutter our home and have a really big sort out. I really like the idea of  being a minimalist and just having the basics and every day items that I need instead of all the clutter that we’ve accumulated over the years but I’m not sure how well that will work out with 3 children!

We’ve started the new year a little bit upside down in our house which is why I want to get on top of things and turn this house around. I’m sure it’s not just me that feels like this but now Christmas is out of the way and our double birthday celebrations are over our house is looking pretty cluttered. We’ve accumulated Christmas gifts and birthday gifts on top of our normal everyday stuff so it’s a little crazy at the moment and hard to find everything a new home. Our cat Felix is living proof that the toys really are taking over!


I’m only 10 days into January and have already made a start on bagging up any unwanted items ready to either sell or to give away. I’ve got clothes bagged up for the charity shop and have already donated a big bag of baby girls clothes to a friend. I’m working my way through each room bit by bit and it’s going to take time but I am determined to achieve my goal.

I was contacted a few days ago by a lady named Sophia who runs her own cleaning business in London and wanted to share an article she’s written on how to minimise cleaning when you’re a busy parent with children, Sophia offers some great tips and comes with many years of experience when it comes to cleaning and decluttering. I use a lot of these tips myself which are great for when you’re juggling work, kids and home life. Have a read and I hope you can take away a few of her tips and useful advice.

Time-saving ways to minimise the cleaning process when you have multiple kids

Parents of multiple kids often struggle with keeping their homes clean. Inevitably children make all types of messes and cleaning after them is a full-time job. These small bandits can’t be blamed and it is parents’ responsibility to ensure a healthy living environment for them. If you have had it with dealing with huge amounts of housework during the weekend, maybe the following tips will help you turn the situation around and decrease the time you spend cleaning. Every child is able to perform some simple domestic chores, so you can also involve yours into the home maintenance.
Declutter regularly
When it comes to a tidy home, this is imperative. Very often having kids means having numerous gadgets and useless items. If you haven’t done it recently, take a big plastic bag and inspect all rooms of your home for clutter. Get rid of all broken toys, empty packings or expired cosmetic products. Give away any old clothes or stuffed toys and make sure that you keep at home only things that you and your family actually use. Make sure to declutter once per week, this will significantly improve the condition of your house.
Decluttering means more free space, which gives a pleasant feeling. If there are any objects or items in your home that don’t have their own place, take your time and reorganise the cuboards and wardrobes. Keep the surfaces, shelves and worktops empty. This way, your kids won’t be able to scatter any kitchen or other items around the house. Plus, you will always know where to find what you need.
Avoid buying unnecessary things
Only parents with multiple kids know that shopping with the family can give you a headache. Children constantly want new toys, even if they will enjoy them for not more than 3 days. Instead of buying all types of interactive gadgets and toys, teach your kids that they need to appreciate what they have. Buying less means less clutter. Purchase only necessary for your family items and products. If there are too many things on the shelves and other surfaces, your home will look messy even if you clean it regularly.
Clean as you go
This is imperative if you want to decrease the amount of time you spend cleaning during the weekend. Always leave the kitchen area clean after cooking. When your family finishes with the dinner, wash the dishes and wipe the table. Tidy up a little bit of the common areas when necessary and regularly empty the rubbish bin. Don’t postpone for tomorrow what you can do today. In this way, next time when you need to clean the house it won’t be necessary to declutter or do some small preparations first.
30-minute clean up
Choose one day of the week and make a quick clean up. For example, when your children are sleeping, declutter a bit, hoover, fold the washed clothes, prepare the dirty ones for washing, hoover the floors, clean the kitchen cupboards and appliances, etc. No one likes dealing with huge amounts of housework at once. For 30 minutes you can accomplish a lot of domestic duties.
Teach your kids to help you
The sooner your kids understand that they also need to contribute to house maintenance the better. Moreover, if you clean together, the housework won’t be such a tedious and time-consuming task. By assigning small domestic chores to kids, you are helping not only yourself but the whole family. Cleaning is an educational activity and can help your kids acquire important skills.
I’d love to hear your cleaning tips and how you juggle keeping on top of the clutter.
Thanks for reading
Corina x

Farewell Timmy & Donkey Who

To my darling Alfie, I know how upset you were when our two little Elf friends Timmy & Donkey Who had to leave us to return back to the North Pole. I wanted to share with you all the good times we’ve shared and all the fun and mischief your little elves got up to. You’ll be able to cherish these happy memories until Christmas comes around again and we can all be re-united.


Christmas Eve Boxes


I’ve never done anything like this before but was so excited at the idea, I absolutely love Christmas Eve and love the fact that it falls on a weekend so no working Christmas eve for me this year!

I thought it would a lovely surprise to present my boys with their boxes on Christmas Eve. I really wish this sort of stuff had been around when I was younger, I would have loved my parents doing this for me. Christmas is a magical time and receiving a gift on Christmas Eve is exciting for any child.

Christmas Eve can be a long day for a child that’s excited for Christmas day, they just want the day to over with so they can go to bed and wait for Santa to arrive with all the presents they’re wishing for.

To help speed the day along and to make the day extra special I’ve tried to find suitable items to pop into their Christmas Eve boxes. My boys like the same kind of things so I’ve brought them the same items just so there are no arguments! Alfie is 7 years old and Charlie is 4, I’ve found bits that are age appropriate for them both.

I picked up 2 large gift boxes with lids from the Card Factory priced at £3.99 each. I’m going to wrap all the individual items inside to make it more exciting and then wrap the boxes up too.

My favorite shops for little bits and bobs are Wilko, Poundland and The Works, these shops are great for cheap stocking fillers.

The first item going into their boxes are their Christmas Pyjamas from Next, I brought these back in November, I thought it would be lovely for them to have them on Christmas Eve so they can all be matching. Who doesn’t love new Pyjamas for Christmas? Even Daisy’s got a matching pair!

I’ve not done Daisy a box, she’s not really old enough to understand but it’ll be something we do next Christmas for her. I can’t wait to fill it will all pink girly stuff.

I picked up the following bits below in The Works – Christmas books (3 for £5), Christmas colouring activity packs (£1.50 each), a light up novelty Christmas teddy (£1 each) and a festive Christmas tree each filled with festive erasers (£1). My boys love little novelty gifts like these.

Next up are a couple of items from Wilko. Chocolate coins (£0.50) and a Smarties chocolate penguin (£0.50). Everybody needs a chocolate fix at Christmas!

Locally we have a news agents that’s called McColl’s, I hardly ever go into this shop but one day last week I needed to pop into the post office and our post office is at the back of the news agents. I spotted these Santa hats and Christmas rubix cubes which I thought were great for the boy’s boxes. Both items were £1 each.

The last few items I purchased were from the Pound Shop, we’ve got some Gingerbread shaped bath bombs (£1 each), I can’t wait to try these out in the boy’s bath and some glow sticks. I thought we could have a bit of fun with these at bed time in the dark. Hopefully they won’t be over excited when it comes to sleep time!

Pound Shop

I really hope the boys love their Christmas Eve boxes.


Thanks for reading

Corina xx

Introducing Pure Freeze Dried Cat Food

This week we have had the pleasure of working with Pure Pet food, Felix is our pet cat and this week he gets to make a guest appearance on our family blog. Felix is 10 years old and right from him being a kitten he’s always been fussy with his cat food and will only eat Whiskers tinned cat food in gravy, he will not eat any other brand, he also loves his fresh cooked chicken and goes mad for tuna, so quite a fussy cat!

We were asked if we would like to try out and review a new brand of cat food which is made by Pure Pet Food. Pure Pet Food make it their mission to make healthy  choices easy for pet owners and make a range of air-dried, dehydrated and freeze-dried pet foods.

We were sent 2 boxes of freeze dried cat food for Felix to try out, we were sent a box of Surf & Turf and a box of Whisker Lickin’ Chicken. Felix was very inquisitive when I started opening the box and he was very happy to sit and pose for a photo!

We decided to try the Whisker Lickin’ Chicken first, I wasn’t sure if Felix would be interested but he just wouldn’t leave me alone whilst opening the box and was meowing his little head off, he was even trying to eat the food before I’d mixed in the water, it must have smelt good to him. The instructions are really easy to follow and give you guidelines on how much to measure out depending on the size of your cat and also instruct on how much water to add.

The food was really easy to make, I just needed to measure out the exact amount using the plastic scoop provided and then measure out warm water using the same scoop. This is the first time that we’ve tried a new brand of cat food that Felix has thoroughly enjoyed and eaten. I could tell he was really enjoying it because he licked his bowl clean without a trace left so a big thumbs up from Felix.


Pet’s are provided with the natural goodness and nutrients found in raw and homemade food. Freeze drying removes the moisture from natural and human grade ingredients, locking in the nutrients and goodness whilst preserving them. You simply add water and serve, creating a meal similar to a fresh or home prepared diet. I would say these are great for fussy cats and cats with sensitivities.

All of Pure’s meals are made with 100% fresh human grade ingredients and are lovingly made at Pure’s very own human grade food facility in Yorkshire. Pure’s freeze dry technology allows for the preservation of meat with zero exposure to high temperature and pressure, retaining a real meat texture with zero preservatives and with no need to store in a freezer

The standards in making Pure are so high that they are regulated by both the human and the animal food authorities. Pure foods contain no grains or gluten and are high in protein, ensuring a healthy balanced diet. With Pure’s pet food you just add water, this unique process gives Pure all of the advantages of both wet & dry food. Adding water allows the food to expand in the bowl rather than the stomach making it easier to chew and helping to prevent bloating, whilst reducing the risk of dehydration. At the same time like a good quality dry food Pure is super easy to store and has a great shelf life.

Felix is definitely converted and loves his new cat food, we’ve introduced 1 meal of Pure a day along side his normal cat food to get him used to his new food and will gradually convert him over fully over the next few weeks. Our local Pets at Home stock the Pure pet food and it can also be purchased direct from the Pure website.


Felix says “It’s lip smacking good” so go give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.


Thanks for reading

The Mann Clan x