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December 2017 Competition Wins

December’s been quite a good month on the winning front, the echo dot that I won back in November arrived at the start of December, I wrapped this up for Christmas for my boys Alfie & Charlie. It’s been such a great win and everyone loves it, although I am a little bit sick of hearing ‘House Every Weekend’ which is my four year old’s favorite song at the moment.

December the 1st brought a lovely little win from Instagram and was only day 1 of the Christmas advents starting. I won a lovely pamper set from Ice & Easy, the set included frozen cocktails, glitter nail varnish, a lush bath bomb, face cream, a face pack and some lovely hand cream.

Ice & Easy

On the 11th day of Christmas my true love gave to me……….. A lovely win on Facebook – a girls sports bundle from Everactiv. I got to select 2 girls t-shirts, a long sleeve top and some leggings from their website. I gifted these to my friend at work for her granddaughter.


The 13th of December brought a Twitter win from Happy Little Soles, this was from a Win it Wednesday competition. I won a lovely pair of Kidofit Roger vegan shoes.

On the 14th of December a mystery package arrived, I just love a mystery package, I’m still left wondering where this one came from. I can only guess it was from an advent competition because it was such a random prize. Wait for it…………………….. an electric pepper grinder, hooray! Just what I always wanted!

I received a lovely winning email on the 27th of December, I was just starting to give up on any further advent wins coming in. Over the Christmas period I managed to build up over 1500 emails in my inbox, it took a while to clear them but this win was so worth doing the tedious job of going through my emails. I don’t remember this advent competition but I’d entered so many that it doesn’t surprise me!

I won Day 21 for the One New Change Advent Calendar and I’ve won a Mariel bag in black thanks to L.K. Bennett which is worth £155, I think this is a prize that needs collecting so I’m not sure how or when I’m going to be able to collect this when the store is located in London.

My final win of 2017 is a small win and was low effort, on the 20th of December I spotted a competition running on Facebook with the company Cashino, you needed to take a picture of anything Christmassy, upload it to their post and leave a comment. I entered the photo below which is of my daughter Daisy. There were originally 3 prizes on offer, 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize but they decided to up the prizes and offered 25 runner up prizes too. I was lucky to win a runner up prize of a £10 voucher, they’ve not asked me where I want the voucher for so I’m waiting for them to confirm this. This one was quite a low entry competition and with many prizes on offer I stood a good chance of winning.


I’m so relieved the advent period is now over, I’d like to say I thoroughly enjoyed it but found there were so many competitions out there that it became a little stressful to try and keep up. I’m looking forward to starting the new year with a clean slate and can’t wait to get back to my normal competitions and my normal comping routine.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and here’s to lots of lovely wins in 2018. At the top of my list is a Cozmo robot for my sons birthday in April.

Thank You for reading and Happy New Year everyone

Corina xxx



November Wins

You may have noticed that there wasn’t an October Wins blog post, unfortunately we had no wins througout October so I had nothing to write about. I guess wins are like buses, sometimes you get none and then 3 come all at once!

I finally have new wins to report, yay! All my wins for November came in the first 2 weeks of November. My first win came from a Facebook Competition and not the every day kind of company that you would follow on Facebook, this was a competition run with Quick Wills. It was a simple like, follow and then comment on which charity you would most like to help. I commented with my local preschool with them being a charity and both of my boys attended The Hermitage Preschool. I received a Facebook message on the 2nd November announcing that I’d won an Amazon Echo Dot. I was over the moon, this is one request on Alfie’s Santa list and he’s been talking about Alexa for ages, I can’t believe that I’ve won one.  I was so eger to wrap it up for Christmas when it arrived that I forgot to take a photo.

My second win came on the 6th November and was another Facebook competition, the sponsor was Printerinks and it was just a simple follow, like and comment. This won me a Self Stirring Mug! I’ve not actually tried this one out, I’ve wrapped it up for my brother for Christmas, he’s into his gadgets and loves a funny present so it was just up his street, it makes a great stocking filler. I’ll have to report back on this one.


My third and final win for November just randomly turned up, sadly there was no delivery note or letter so I have no idea where this came from or how I won it and is a Pop Art 3D Owl. This will be a stocking filler gift for one of my boys, I think it might be more age appropriate for Alfie. I always find it really annoying when promotors don’t enclose a letter with your win.


It’s the start of December as I’m writing this blog post and advent competitions are in full swing, I’ve tried my best to get myself up to date with my normal online competitions but we’ve all been hit with the sickness bug this week, I got hit with it on the 1st day of the advents so had to take a day off work sick. I was pretty much sofa bound but had my phone for company so tried to enter as many as I could which took my mind off feeling like death. We’re all on the mend now and I’m trying to get some kind of routine going with the advent comps, I really don’t want them to take over so I’ll try and take them at my own pace and just enter the ones I really want to win. I had a winning message on Facebook on day 1 so we’re off to a great start. Does anyone have any great tips for entering Advent competitions? if so, let me know in the comments.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of searching for Nintendo Switch competitions, Alfie’s got this on his Christmas list and I’d love to be able to win one for him (and for me!). If anyone knows of any competitions, let me know. I’ve brought a few comping magazines recently which have been running Nintendo Switch competitions, I’m keeping everything crossed on this one.

I don’t tend to do many effort competitions, with having 3 children there doesn’t seem to be much time for these but one competition that did catch my eye was a kids drawing/colouring competition on Channel 5’s Milkshake. The prize toy bundle is quite amazing and would be perfect for Daisy, it’s a Fisher Price Bright Beats bundle. The boys had to do a drawing of their favourite Milkshake character in a winter scene and are trying to win the prize bundle for their baby sister (they are so cute). Below are the boys entries, we’re keeping our fingers crossed tightly and will keep you posted if we win.

Charlie DrawingAlfie Drawing

Good luck with the advents if you’re a comperholic like me.

Thanks for reading

Corina x


Let There Be Light (Ad)

Today me and Alfie are having a bash at entering a new kind of competition which I stumbled across online, I’ve never entered a competition like this before but here goes! To enter we have to showcase 2 photos as per the competition entry rules, one in natural daylight (below) on the left and one using artificial lighting on the right, you can definitely see the difference with the lighting in the 2 photos.

I roped Alfie in as my little volunteer to pose for me, I did try photographing my 9 month old little Daisy but she wasn’t playing ball and wouldn’t look at the camera so I gave up on that idea. When I told Alfie what the prize would be he was more than happy to help. He wants to be a You Tuber when he’s older, he’s absolutely obsessed with You Tube. We would absolutely love to win £500 worth of vouchers to spend on photography equipment, blogging as become my passion and I think Alfie is following in my footsteps and he’s showing a keen interest in photography too. We’re keeping everything crossed. #LetThereBeLight

Check out Urban Cottage Industries for all your lighting needs, they have some really modern and funky lighting in their range.

You can follow and find out more about Urban Cottage Industries by clicking here



***This is a personal blog post and is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own***

September Competition Wins

I don’t really know what happened to September, it just came and went, I think it flew by because of me returning back to work after 11 months of maternity leave. Time flies when you’re having fun and in my case too much fun whilst on my maternity.  They do say “all good things must come to an end”. On the plus side (yes there is a plus side) we are a couple of days away from October which means we are that little bit closer to Christmas. Most people dread the ‘C’ word but I just love it and I love the cosy evenings that autumn brings, the heating on, curtains closed and the candles lit.

When I look at what I won throughout September, I’m actually quite surprised, I didn’t win an awful lot but I didn’t really get much comping done throughout August with the little ones being off from school and nursery, not much comping gets done when you’re trying to entertain a seven year old, a 4 year old and a baby.

My first win of September arrived on the 13th of September by courier unexpectedly! I was returning home from picking up Charlie from nursery and was expecting a parcel, I was awaiting a delivery from Mothercare with my new car seat that I’d ordered for Daisy but arrived home to 2 large boxes instead of 1. I always get excited when I get parcels, I’m always happy when I see the postman too!

This competition was featured in the August edition of Compers News and was an email entry competition, I love the Kids Comps section of the magazine, I especially love winning prizes for my 3 little ones, I try to put away as much as I can for Christmas and birthdays.


My next win came a few days later and was from a competition that ran on Facebook with a company called Richard Burbidge, it was a simple like and comment entry and won me a £20 Amazon voucher, I’m currently still waiting for this to arrive, this is definitely a prize I’ll be saving for Christmas, this will come in so handy when I start my Christmas shopping, I absolutely love Amazon and love my Prime membership, this was definitely money well spent.

richard burbidge

On the exact same day I won another Facebook competition, I don’t think I’ve ever won 2 competitions in one day so was over the moon. It wasn’t a big win but sometimes it’s the smaller wins that keep you going and some of these small wins are just as good as the big ones. Indie Bay Snacks contacted me via Facebook to notify me that I’d won their Freebie Friday competition, it was a simple like and comment entry where you had to comment letting them know which flavour you’d love to try from their range, I can’t wait for this win to arrive, I’m looking forward to trying out their products.


My final win of September came in the form of an email, I was just going through my junk box clearing out all my junk emails when I came across an email with the subject line ‘Cheestrings & The Emoji Movie, my first thought was that it was going to be junk but to my surprise it was a winning email. I spotted this competition on a pack of Cheestrings I’d picked up for Alfie & Charlie’s packed lunch boxes. You can enter this one daily and just need to upload a photo of someone special who’s bursting with funny expressions, you need to create a fun image and to make your images funnier you can check out Cheestring packs for nutty noses, moustaches and more!

Below is Alfie and Charlie’s entry which won them an Emoji Movie Stickers Set.


I’ve finally managed to find myself a box of Victoria biscuits with the Lapland promotion, I popped in to my local CO-OP to pick up some bits and bobs and got a bit excited when I spotted their Christmas food isle, this is a purchase necessary competition and instant win. Unfortunately I didn’t win one of the family adventure days but if you don’t win on the instant win you do bag yourself an entry into their main prize draw to win a holiday to Lapland.


I’m going to end my September update by saying how impressed I am with all the freebies I’ve been receiving with my weekly online Asda grocery shop. Every week Asda have been sending me samples of products with my grocery shop, I’ve recently had Lenor fabric conditioner and Ariel wash powder samples which I enjoyed trying out. Below I’ve got samples of Lucozade orange to try, screen wipes and 5 packs of Dolmio cook in the oven sauces.


I hope September’s been lucky for you

Thanks for reading


***This is a personal blog post and is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own***

August Competition Wins

August hasn’t been a too bad month, it’s been a bit crazy with the summer holidays and having 3 little ones at home, it’s been lovely being on maternity and spending all summer with my babies but I am looking forward to the return of school but not so much the school runs!

I think the prizes that I have won through August have been ones that have filtered through from July’s entries.

On the 4th of August I got a mention on Instagram to advise I’d won a box of 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts, the promoter was giving away 25 prizes a day so the chances of getting a winning entry were high. To enter you had to upload a group photo with 2 or more people in the photo smiling and tag them with the hash tag quote #80yearsofsmiles. I have since received my voucher through the post and plan to redeem it soon at the new Krispy Kreme doughnut shop that’s just opened in Victoria Centre Nottingham, I can’t wait to treat the family to some doughnuts.


My Cadbury picnic blanket arrived in the post during the middle of August, I received a winning email from Cadbury on the 4th of August letting me know that I’d won. This was from a text message entry and was a promotion Cadbury’s were running on packs of their chocolate, we purchased the Freddo bars, my little ones love these and I do too!

During the middle of August I received an email from The Craft Company to inform me I’d won their Facebook competition and had won their FMM Ranunculus bundle, the bundle arrived a few days later by courier and included lots of goodies for cake decorating.  I kindly donated this to my friend Mandy, I felt Mandy would be able to put it to good use with her specializing in cake decorating. I don’t have the time or the patience so gladly gifted this one, I just love my comping hobby and get great satisfaction in gifting presents to friends and loved ones.

I won 2 further prizes during August, one being a children’s book and CD bundle which I’ve put away for Christmas and the other was an internet booster won at a local village raffle.

As we head into September and the weather starts to cool down I find myself starting to think more about Christmas, everything that I win from August on wards goes into my Christmas box, they do say “every little helps”.

***This is a personal blog post and is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own***




The journey of my comping

I have my husband to blame or thank for this wonderful hobby! It was back in 2007 when James introduced me to the world of comping. James had received a marketing letter from a company called Oxfordshire Press introducing their competition service offering a free trial, James thought it might be something that would interest me. I was a little bit skeptical at first but because it was a 30 day free trial I signed up and thought why not, I had nothing to lose.

After my 30 day free trial I had become hooked on entering competitions and decided to subscribe to the My Comps service. When I became pregnant in 2009 I made the decision to cancel my subscription with money being a little tight. I really missed my weekly dose of competitions and found it even harder to enter competitions when my baby boy was born arriving 8 weeks premature. I decided to take a break from comping and spent all my time taking care of Alfie, keeping a house and juggling work alongside family life.

When Alfie turned 1 I decided to return to my hobby and I dedicated all my evenings to comping once I’d settled Alfie to bed. In all the years that I’ve been comping I’ve won so many competitions, my first big win was a mobile phone won in an Argos competition, I then went on to win a solid oak coffee table for my mum worth £200. I’ve also won other big prizes, the best one being a Play station 4 for my 2 sons.

I love my hobby so much, it allows me to win prizes I wouldn’t normally be able to afford. I love that I can win prizes for my children and also gift items to friends and family. I keep all my winning emails and all of my winning letters are filed neatly in a special folder, from time to time I look through my folder and can’t believe how much I’ve won.

I now have 3 children, Alfie is now 7, Charlie is 4 and we recently welcomed our daughter into the world, Daisy is almost 9 months. In the first few months of Daisy arriving I won a Braun Thermo Scan Digital Thermometer, a Vicks mini cool mist humidifier, a bottle/soother set and a Organix weaning hamper, some amazing prizes for when you’ve just had a baby!

Times have changed quite a bit since I first started comping, quite a lot of my entries used to be by postcard but not so much now due to the price of stamps! I find that 95% of my wins now come from social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

I’m hoping my big win is just around the corner, I’m hoping for a family holiday to Disney Land which would be amazing or a cash lump sum but I’m not fussy, any win will do. I’m hoping my story will encourage people to get into comping, it’s such a rewarding hobby and there are hundreds of genuine competitions out there, you just have to enter them to be in with a chance of winning. People say I’m really lucky but I don’t think it’s to do with luck, it’s more like a number game, the more you enter the more chance you’ve got of winning. If you’re willing to put the time and effort in then you will definitely be rewarded.

I thought it would be fun to share with you my top 10 best wins and my top ten funniest wins.

Best Wins

  1. Apple iMAC computer – Won with Tate Gallery
  2. Play station 4 – Won on Facebook with Walkers Crisps Snap & Share promotion
  3. Antibes Coffee Table – Won with Halo Furnishings
  4. Sony Xperia Mobile Phone – Won with Argos
  5. Vtriker Elite Flicker Bike – I think this was won with a kids magazine
  6. Tom Tom Via 135M Europe Sat Nav – Won online with The Guardian
  7. £100 Tesco Voucher – Won on Facebook with Car Spring
  8. £100 to spend online with Create and Craft
  9. £100 iTunes Voucher – Won through Morrison’s
  10. Braun Thermo Scan baby thermometer – Won online with Made For Mums


Funniest Wins

  1. Diet Gel – Won with Chat Magazine
  2. Ready to roll Icing – Won on Twitter with Renshaw Baking
  3. Russian Silversmiths Hallmark book – Won with Antiques & Collectables Magazine
  4. Hair Clip Extensions (Blonde) – Won with Love Your Hair
  5. Phil Smith Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner (Continuing with the blonde theme!)
  6. Tea Pigs organic Tea bags – Won with Jamie’s magazine
  7. One Direction Shoes – Won with Top of the pops magazine
  8. TV Wipes – Won with Guard Pack Ltd on Twitter
  9. Spider Ring – Won on Facebook with Me & Zena
  10. 6 month supply of pet litter – Won with The Kitchen Garden Magazine