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Summer wins of 2018

It’s been a few months since my last update which was April, May was quiet and I only won 1 item so I decided it wasn’t worth writing a blog post, fast forward a few months and summer is coming to a close. I’m combining all my wins from May through to August in this one blog post.

After much chasing I finally received my signed Manchester United football shirt from Epson which I won a few months ago on Instagram, I’m over the moon with this prize.

In May I won a cute little gardening set for my little ones which was won on Facebook with Spear & Jackson UK.

August 9

June was more fruitful and I had a few wins throughout the month, on Instagram I won a personalized cake topper which I’ve had personalized for my Daughter Daisy’s 2nd birthday which I’ve put away until December, this was won through The Little Letter Studio, please go check them out on Instagram, they do some beautiful creative cake toppers.


My next win was from a promotion that was run by Nestle and I spotted the instant win competition on my KitKat wrapper and also nabbed my father in law’s wrapper too, people must think I’m bonkers! This promotion was a code that you had to enter online and I bagged myself a Now TV Kids 1 month pass and a Now TV movie 1 month pass.

On the 13th of June I received a message on Twitter from Now informing me I’d won their Freebie Friday competition and had won 2 CD’s – Now That’s What I Call Dad Rock & Now That’s What I Call Jazz.

A lovely cross stitch turned up in the post a few days later which was from an online competition with The World of Cross Stitching Magazine, I’ve put this away to start in Autumn, I already have a couple on the go which I’m trying to finish and can’t wait to get started on this one.


On the 19th June I triumphed and won the Freebie Friday competition with Jazz Apples, I don’t know why but I enter this one every week and it’s not like I really want the prize either, I guess that competitive side of me rears its ugly head, I guess I just wanted to win. My hubby loves me! Another mismatched mug for the cupboard! Lol.

My final win for June wasn’t from a competition entry as such, it was a welcome win of £10 from the Postcode lottery, you know what they say, “You’ve got to be in it to win it” I’m going to now sit and wait patiently for my jackpot win, I’m just biding my time!

July was quite a good month too, my first win for July was a scented candle from a win on Facebook with Mystic Moments. A few days later a win came from Facebook from Lypsyl which was a lovely bundle of goodies which was a lovely water bottle, a selection of Lypsyl products and a weeks supply of Charnos Hosiery.

July the 8th brought a lovely win on Facebook from Sponge Cakes Ltd, in the post I received a chocolate sponge cake for 8 people, which was beautiful and so tasty, I was so impressed with the presentation, it even came with a little congratulations card and napkins! I will definitely look this company up again in the near future to send a cake as a gift, such a lovely idea and different.

My final 2 wins for July were 2 Mascaras, one for me and one for a friend on Facebook with Dream Weave mascara and a win from Girl Talk magazine which was perfect timing for the start of the summer holidays – an art pad and 3 tins of art crayons.

August saw the start of the Carabao £1 million giveaway, I tried to stay away from this one as it’s not really a product I’d normally buy or consume but ended up getting swept along with all the excitement, who doesn’t love the excitement of an instant win? So far I’ve managed to bag myself x 3 £5 wins and 1 x £10 win, unfortunately the drink ends up down the sink or toilet.

It took me a while to track down the energy drink and 6 shops later finally spotted it in my Sainsburys local in my village. The cans are reduced at the moment and are currently £1 each. I treat it as though I’m buying a scratch card and try not to get too carried away.

My final win for August was an unexpected packet in the post with a Marcella dvd box set of series 1 & 2. Unfortunately there was no letter or compliment slip so I’m not really sure where this one came from.

August 1

I guess you could say that August was a bit of a flop but I put that down to the school holidays and having to work and juggle 3 children. I will definitely be upping my game for September so I can start stock piling for Christmas. Only 110 days to go!

Thank you popping along and having a read

C x



April Competition Wins 2018

April has been the fastest month ever, it came and went in a flash, I think it went so quick because there was just so much going on in April, nearly every week of April there was a family birthday, I also had a funeral and a wedding, such a crazy month, I’m surprised I had any time for comping. Most of my wins seem to have come in at the end of April and all came just in time for me writing my April blog post, I’m pleased I get to write something this month.

My first win came on the 12th April and came by email, I’m not really sure if you count this as a win but it’s a very clever way for promoters to promote their products, I came runner-up in an Instagram competition and received a 50% off code for any print off their website with free delivery. I had a browse on their website just out of curiosity and did see a really nice print for my daughter Daisy. I don’t think I would have paid the full price but was happy with 50% off.

On the 14th April my lovely friend Patricia who I met through Lucky Learners on Facebook sent me a message about the Mcvitites text to win competition, I thought I would give it a go and won myself cinema tickets twice. I love to share competitions too so told all my family to give it a try and my sister managed to win herself a family day out and has just recently received her buy a gift pack through the post worth £29, not bad for a simple text entry.

On the 26th April I received a lovely Instagram message from Little Dish, this was a competition they ran where you had to follow them, like their photo and then comment your favourite place you like to spend a day out with your family, my entry was picked as a winning entry and I won a Micro Trike and 3 months supply of fruity bites.

The 30th April brought 2 wins, one was a Twitter message from Your Home Magazine and I won myself a industrial-style wall clock courtesy of To Love and be loved! & a Facebook win from Green King pubs, I won myself 2 main meals at one of their restaurants which I’m going to use to treat the hubby, the small wins are definitely the best.

And that’s it for April, I’m going to focus all my efforts for May on trying to win myself some lovely things for my garden now the weather is starting to pick up, I’d love to win myself a rattan outdoor sofa set and would love to win a Little Tikes Fountain Factory water table for my little ones. Wish me luck. xx


March Competition Wins 2018

I didn’t write a blog post for February, I only had 2 wins for the month and I felt like it really wasn’t worth writing about so I’m going to include February’s wins in this blog post.

In February I received an email from Gransnet letting me know that I’d won one of their Twitter competitions and won a signed copy of the book Rise Up, Women!

February also brought another win and a winning email from Shout Magazine, I think this was an email entry and I won a set of new impulse body sprays which smell absolutely lovely, I’ve kept these for myself!

Cakepops 3

Also in February my LK Bennett handbag arrived which is just beautiful, this was an advent win from December and did take a bit of chasing. This was meant to be collected from London but I managed to get the prize posted out. I offered to pay for the postage, the promoter didn’t seem to mind and posted it out to me at no extra cost, it’s always worth asking the question rather than losing out on a prize.

Cakepops 4

March has been another quiet month for me, I really need to up my comping for April but don’t think I have much chance of that happening, we’ve got lots of birthdays coming up, my sisters wedding and it’s currently the Easter holidays but I will certainly try my best, wish me luck!

On the 5th March I received a lovely Instagram message from Epson UK letting me know I’d won a signed Manchester United shirt, I even got to choose which player I wanted to sign it. I’m still waiting for my prize to arrive and I’m so excited waiting for it.

My final win for March was another Instagram win, Instagram is my favorite social media platform at the moment for entering competitions. I received a lovely gift from Bluebirdbabygifts, I’ve won some lovely baby socks, I opted for girl socks because a friend of mine is having a little girl. When I first showed my two boys they got excited and thought I’d won sweet treats for them, they came in such lovely packaging and look like cake pops. I can’t wait to give them to her when little baby girl arrives.

Well that’s it for me, another month over, it’s time to get stuck into April and see what April brings.

Happy comping!

C x


January Wins 2018 – The start of a new comping year.

I love it when a new comping year starts, I love to look back over the year of my wins and successes, I find this sets me up for the start of a new year. I love to set myself new comping goals. Last year my goal was to get to grips with Instagram and I can proudly say that I have had a few wins from Instagram.

I think this year my goal needs to be how I organize my time and plan my days better. As a working mum to 3 I find it hard to squeeze everything in, I want to be doing all my hobbies so definitely need a plan of action. I just love comping, blogging, cross stitching and reading but can’t enought time to do them all. There’s just never enough hours in the day!

My January started off really well, on the 3rd of January I received a Facebook message from KidsKnowBest informing me that I’d won one of their Facebook competitions and had won a FurReal beagle call ‘Chatty Charlie’. This came at such a great time, we celebrated my son Charlie’s 5th birthday on the 7th of January. The promotor advised me that it would arrive for Charlie’s birthday but they experienced a few delays in posting it out to me and it arrived a few days after Charlie’s birthday. He absolutely loves it to bits. This wouldn’t normally be the kind of toy I’d buy with it being a bit on the expensive side and I feel so lucky to have won this for Charlie. I love my hobby and love to give my children presents that I wouldn’t normally be able to afford. Charlie sleeps with his beagle everynight and they are now inseperable.

On the 9th of January another Facebook message arrive and this was from a company called Raring2go to inform me that I’d won Day 20 of their December advent competition. I thought all advent competitions would be done and dusted so I was quite surprised to learn this was from back in December. To enter you had to guess how many chocolates were in the glass jar, like their company page and post and comment your answer. I never do well at guess competitions but was so pleased to be announced their winner. I won a £50 bundle of scented stationery from Scentco UK. I’ve put this prize away for my son Alfie for his birthday in April.


The 15th of January brought me a win from Millie & Ted on Facebook, I won a 2kg bag of dog food which I entered for my brother for his dog Mower. It’s just great to be able to gift prizes that I win, another perk of the job!

I’ve been entering the Millie & Ted freebie Friday competitions for months now and I can finally say I’ve won. Hooray!

My final win for the month came on the 19th of January from a lovely company on Facebook called ‘I am Nat’, they do beautiful nursery prints and I was so lucky to win myself one for my baby daughter’s bedroom. There were 6 winners in this competition and to enter you had to comment your favourite print out of the 6 prints shown in the photo. They are all beautiful but I chose the one that says “Sweet Dreams Little One”. I can’t wait to put this up on Daisy’s wall.

That’s it for January and I’m so pleased we are now in February, January just felt so so long! There’s lots of valentine competitions around at the moment so these will certainly keep me busy, I just need to find more time in my crazy hectic life!

Thank you for reading

Good Luck all for lots of February wins

C xxxxxxx




December 2017 Competition Wins

December’s been quite a good month on the winning front, the echo dot that I won back in November arrived at the start of December, I wrapped this up for Christmas for my boys Alfie & Charlie. It’s been such a great win and everyone loves it, although I am a little bit sick of hearing ‘House Every Weekend’ which is my four year old’s favorite song at the moment.

December the 1st brought a lovely little win from Instagram and was only day 1 of the Christmas advents starting. I won a lovely pamper set from Ice & Easy, the set included frozen cocktails, glitter nail varnish, a lush bath bomb, face cream, a face pack and some lovely hand cream.

Ice & Easy

On the 11th day of Christmas my true love gave to me……….. A lovely win on Facebook – a girls sports bundle from Everactiv. I got to select 2 girls t-shirts, a long sleeve top and some leggings from their website. I gifted these to my friend at work for her granddaughter.


The 13th of December brought a Twitter win from Happy Little Soles, this was from a Win it Wednesday competition. I won a lovely pair of Kidofit Roger vegan shoes.

On the 14th of December a mystery package arrived, I just love a mystery package, I’m still left wondering where this one came from. I can only guess it was from an advent competition because it was such a random prize. Wait for it…………………….. an electric pepper grinder, hooray! Just what I always wanted!

I received a lovely winning email on the 27th of December, I was just starting to give up on any further advent wins coming in. Over the Christmas period I managed to build up over 1500 emails in my inbox, it took a while to clear them but this win was so worth doing the tedious job of going through my emails. I don’t remember this advent competition but I’d entered so many that it doesn’t surprise me!

I won Day 21 for the One New Change Advent Calendar and I’ve won a Mariel bag in black thanks to L.K. Bennett which is worth £155, I think this is a prize that needs collecting so I’m not sure how or when I’m going to be able to collect this when the store is located in London.

My final win of 2017 is a small win and was low effort, on the 20th of December I spotted a competition running on Facebook with the company Cashino, you needed to take a picture of anything Christmassy, upload it to their post and leave a comment. I entered the photo below which is of my daughter Daisy. There were originally 3 prizes on offer, 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize but they decided to up the prizes and offered 25 runner up prizes too. I was lucky to win a runner up prize of a £10 voucher, they’ve not asked me where I want the voucher for so I’m waiting for them to confirm this. This one was quite a low entry competition and with many prizes on offer I stood a good chance of winning.


I’m so relieved the advent period is now over, I’d like to say I thoroughly enjoyed it but found there were so many competitions out there that it became a little stressful to try and keep up. I’m looking forward to starting the new year with a clean slate and can’t wait to get back to my normal competitions and my normal comping routine.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and here’s to lots of lovely wins in 2018. At the top of my list is a Cozmo robot for my sons birthday in April.

Thank You for reading and Happy New Year everyone

Corina xxx



November Wins

You may have noticed that there wasn’t an October Wins blog post, unfortunately we had no wins througout October so I had nothing to write about. I guess wins are like buses, sometimes you get none and then 3 come all at once!

I finally have new wins to report, yay! All my wins for November came in the first 2 weeks of November. My first win came from a Facebook Competition and not the every day kind of company that you would follow on Facebook, this was a competition run with Quick Wills. It was a simple like, follow and then comment on which charity you would most like to help. I commented with my local preschool with them being a charity and both of my boys attended The Hermitage Preschool. I received a Facebook message on the 2nd November announcing that I’d won an Amazon Echo Dot. I was over the moon, this is one request on Alfie’s Santa list and he’s been talking about Alexa for ages, I can’t believe that I’ve won one.  I was so eger to wrap it up for Christmas when it arrived that I forgot to take a photo.

My second win came on the 6th November and was another Facebook competition, the sponsor was Printerinks and it was just a simple follow, like and comment. This won me a Self Stirring Mug! I’ve not actually tried this one out, I’ve wrapped it up for my brother for Christmas, he’s into his gadgets and loves a funny present so it was just up his street, it makes a great stocking filler. I’ll have to report back on this one.


My third and final win for November just randomly turned up, sadly there was no delivery note or letter so I have no idea where this came from or how I won it and is a Pop Art 3D Owl. This will be a stocking filler gift for one of my boys, I think it might be more age appropriate for Alfie. I always find it really annoying when promotors don’t enclose a letter with your win.


It’s the start of December as I’m writing this blog post and advent competitions are in full swing, I’ve tried my best to get myself up to date with my normal online competitions but we’ve all been hit with the sickness bug this week, I got hit with it on the 1st day of the advents so had to take a day off work sick. I was pretty much sofa bound but had my phone for company so tried to enter as many as I could which took my mind off feeling like death. We’re all on the mend now and I’m trying to get some kind of routine going with the advent comps, I really don’t want them to take over so I’ll try and take them at my own pace and just enter the ones I really want to win. I had a winning message on Facebook on day 1 so we’re off to a great start. Does anyone have any great tips for entering Advent competitions? if so, let me know in the comments.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of searching for Nintendo Switch competitions, Alfie’s got this on his Christmas list and I’d love to be able to win one for him (and for me!). If anyone knows of any competitions, let me know. I’ve brought a few comping magazines recently which have been running Nintendo Switch competitions, I’m keeping everything crossed on this one.

I don’t tend to do many effort competitions, with having 3 children there doesn’t seem to be much time for these but one competition that did catch my eye was a kids drawing/colouring competition on Channel 5’s Milkshake. The prize toy bundle is quite amazing and would be perfect for Daisy, it’s a Fisher Price Bright Beats bundle. The boys had to do a drawing of their favourite Milkshake character in a winter scene and are trying to win the prize bundle for their baby sister (they are so cute). Below are the boys entries, we’re keeping our fingers crossed tightly and will keep you posted if we win.

Charlie DrawingAlfie Drawing

Good luck with the advents if you’re a comperholic like me.

Thanks for reading

Corina x


Let There Be Light (Ad)

Today me and Alfie are having a bash at entering a new kind of competition which I stumbled across online, I’ve never entered a competition like this before but here goes! To enter we have to showcase 2 photos as per the competition entry rules, one in natural daylight (below) on the left and one using artificial lighting on the right, you can definitely see the difference with the lighting in the 2 photos.

I roped Alfie in as my little volunteer to pose for me, I did try photographing my 9 month old little Daisy but she wasn’t playing ball and wouldn’t look at the camera so I gave up on that idea. When I told Alfie what the prize would be he was more than happy to help. He wants to be a You Tuber when he’s older, he’s absolutely obsessed with You Tube. We would absolutely love to win £500 worth of vouchers to spend on photography equipment, blogging as become my passion and I think Alfie is following in my footsteps and he’s showing a keen interest in photography too. We’re keeping everything crossed. #LetThereBeLight

Check out Urban Cottage Industries for all your lighting needs, they have some really modern and funky lighting in their range.

You can follow and find out more about Urban Cottage Industries by clicking here



***This is a personal blog post and is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own***