16 Month Daisy Update

Only two more months until my princess is 1 and a half years old!!! I still can’t believe she is 1 never mind nearly 1 and a half. Today as I write this Daisy is 16 months and 2 weeks old and I can’t believe she’s getting closer to the 18 month mark. Last weekend which was the bank holiday weekend for us (5th May 2018) was the first weekend of Daisy fully walking, she’s finally reached the wonderful milestone of walking.


We’ve finally been able to get Daisy’s feet measured and brought her first pair of Clark’s shoes and a great time to buy them too with a 50% off sale, now that’s what you call a result! Daisy is a size 3.5 wide and simply adores her new pink patent shoes, I never thought I would ever be buying little girls shoes! Every morning Daisy goes to get her shoes and wants to put them on, even when she’s still in her pyjamas, she absolutely loves them and never wants to take them off.


This month has definitely been the month of tantrums … As she’s growing up, she suddenly seems to think she’s old enough/big enough to make every decision herself and to do whatever it is she wants. It’s been challenging but it’s also been really great seeing Daisy start to develop in to her own person! She’s definitely a head strong little miss.

She also seems obsessed with sitting on me, next to me, cuddling me and just generally touching me. Which to be honest I am loving but it’s hard to get things done. I know she won’t be small for long though so I’m enjoying the cuddles while I can. Saying that she does still play on her own very well and is normally less grumpy when I’m out of the room.

Daisy’s still sleeping through the night and started doing this when we stopped breastfeeding at 13 months, she goes to bed between 6.30-7.00pm and wakes around 6.45am. I pop her into her sleeping bag and lay her down with Ewan the sheep turned on and she’s got her favorite comforter too which she won’t sleep without and then I leave the room, Daisy’s so good at settling herself. We’ve only had a few occasions where Daisy’s been unsettled in the night and that was about a month ago when she was teething again, two more teeth have popped through at the bottom on each side, I’ve tried counting Daisy’s teeth and can roughly count around 16 in total.

Daisy’s eating’s improved a lot since Christmas, I think over December she was off her food quite a bit due to teething. Daisy loves Weetabix with warm milk for breakfast and always starts and ends her day with a bottle of warm full fat cows milk, she can now say Bot Bot. Some of Daisy’s favourite foods are sandwiches with cheese, jam or Philadelphia soft cheese, she loves quavers, yogurts, strawberries, grapes, raisins, carrots, peas, chocolate and chips.

Daisy’s vocabulary is coming on really well, a few of the words she can say at the moment are mama, dadda, hi, bye, cat (makes really cute meow noises), car, Peppa, bot bot, row row row, and Gaga (yes this was from Lady Gaga being on the tv one day). She’s also got her own little babble which is really cute.

Daisy’s down to 1 nap a day and naps in the morning around 11am, she then powers through until bed time. Daisy loves pushing her little dolls pushchair around the kitchen, now that she’s discovered walking this is her favorite thing to do, she just does lap after lap and never seems to get tired or bored of it, she loves putting her favorite teddy in the pushchair too, I think this certainly tires her out for bedtime.

Here’s Daisy’s 16 month update and what she’s achieved:

  • We had our first trip to the shops now that Daisy can walk and she moaned until I let her out of her pushchair, she walked the whole way around Savers the shop independently.
  • She’s such a chatter box babbling away although her vocab is pretty limited
  • She loves dancing to music, definitely takes after her dad!
  • She’s learnt that food she doesn’t want goes in the bin and likes to try to put it in the bin herself
  • Daisy loves to do the actions to row row row your boat and round and round the garden
  • She claps when she thinks she’s done something good and always looks so proud
  • Says bot bot when she wants milk
  • Gives cuddles to her dolls and gives them kisses, she’s just so adorable. She also likes to feed them their bottles
  • She can now climb on all our sofas and the outside patio chairs, loves to stand up on them and frighten the life out of you
  • She regularly pinches your food (but refuses to eat her own)
  • We’ve tried headbands and hair clips which stay in for a whole 1 minute
  • Loves rocking her pink Daisy duck sunglasses when out and about, she thinks she looks cool like her dad
  • Likes to go up to Felix our cat and say “Meow”
  • Said the word “Asda” when Asda arrived to deliver our shopping
  • Loves the park and the swings
  • She’s a little copy cat now!
  • Every Tuesday we go to toddler group, Daisy doesn’t mix with the other children yet but that will come in time.
  • Loves to pinch your mobile phone or the boys tablets when you’re not looking
  • Loves playing with Happy Land and Playmobil



That’s it for Daisy’s 16 month update, thanks for reading xxx

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