January Wins 2018 – The start of a new comping year.

I love it when a new comping year starts, I love to look back over the year of my wins and successes, I find this sets me up for the start of a new year. I love to set myself new comping goals. Last year my goal was to get to grips with Instagram and I can proudly say that I have had a few wins from Instagram.

I think this year my goal needs to be how I organize my time and plan my days better. As a working mum to 3 I find it hard to squeeze everything in, I want to be doing all my hobbies so definitely need a plan of action. I just love comping, blogging, cross stitching and reading but can’t enought time to do them all. There’s just never enough hours in the day!

My January started off really well, on the 3rd of January I received a Facebook message from KidsKnowBest informing me that I’d won one of their Facebook competitions and had won a FurReal beagle call ‘Chatty Charlie’. This came at such a great time, we celebrated my son Charlie’s 5th birthday on the 7th of January. The promotor advised me that it would arrive for Charlie’s birthday but they experienced a few delays in posting it out to me and it arrived a few days after Charlie’s birthday. He absolutely loves it to bits. This wouldn’t normally be the kind of toy I’d buy with it being a bit on the expensive side and I feel so lucky to have won this for Charlie. I love my hobby and love to give my children presents that I wouldn’t normally be able to afford. Charlie sleeps with his beagle everynight and they are now inseperable.

On the 9th of January another Facebook message arrive and this was from a company called Raring2go to inform me that I’d won Day 20 of their December advent competition. I thought all advent competitions would be done and dusted so I was quite surprised to learn this was from back in December. To enter you had to guess how many chocolates were in the glass jar, like their company page and post and comment your answer. I never do well at guess competitions but was so pleased to be announced their winner. I won a £50 bundle of scented stationery from Scentco UK. I’ve put this prize away for my son Alfie for his birthday in April.


The 15th of January brought me a win from Millie & Ted on Facebook, I won a 2kg bag of dog food which I entered for my brother for his dog Mower. It’s just great to be able to gift prizes that I win, another perk of the job!

I’ve been entering the Millie & Ted freebie Friday competitions for months now and I can finally say I’ve won. Hooray!

My final win for the month came on the 19th of January from a lovely company on Facebook called ‘I am Nat’, they do beautiful nursery prints and I was so lucky to win myself one for my baby daughter’s bedroom. There were 6 winners in this competition and to enter you had to comment your favourite print out of the 6 prints shown in the photo. They are all beautiful but I chose the one that says “Sweet Dreams Little One”. I can’t wait to put this up on Daisy’s wall.

That’s it for January and I’m so pleased we are now in February, January just felt so so long! There’s lots of valentine competitions around at the moment so these will certainly keep me busy, I just need to find more time in my crazy hectic life!

Thank you for reading

Good Luck all for lots of February wins

C xxxxxxx




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