Daisy’s 11 Month Update



Well, here we are again! Daisy turned 11 months old on the 29th November. You know what that means. We are in countdown mode to her first birthday and accompanying birthday party. I really can’t believe it’s almost here, I’m trying to enjoy the last few weeks that we have left with a baby before she turns toddler. It creeps closer and closer to you and almost taunts you, and then it sneaks up on you and if you even so much as sneeze, you’ll miss it. I don’t want to blink and miss it.

I was due to take Daisy for her 9-12 month check at the health clinic but had to cancel on the day due to the sickness bug, in the space of 3 weeks Daisy’s had the bug 3 times and both boys have had it twice, I’m praying we’ve seen the end of it now so that we’re all better and healthy for Christmas. We’ve rescheduled but can’t get seen until January, it will just be a development review to see how Daisy is developing.

Daisy’s now got 10 teeth in total, 4 front ones at the bottom, 4 front ones at the top and her 2 back teeth at the top which have just come through, I’m sure babies don’t normally get these ones until a bit later on. I think more are on the way, we’re still getting lots of dribbling, everything is going in her little mouth and she’s even sucking on her little hands which is a sure sign.

Daisy still loves her breast milk and is still having her morning feed first thing, her evening feed just before bed and a couple of feeds during the night, Daisy is still waking through the night and has only slept all the way through the night twice in the space of 11 months, maybe one day I’ll get a full nights sleep!

Daisy loves feeding herself, all of a sudden she’s become miss independent and will only let me feed her porridge in the morning and yogurts. She’s totally gone off the baby food in jars, I don’t know if it’s from having the sickness bug and she’s playing it safe with what she eats or if it’s because she just wants finger foods so she can feed herself. She’s got this naughty habit at the moment of just chucking all her food off her highchair table when she’s had enough and no longer wants any more, every last bit ends up on the floor (cheeky little monkey). Daisy’s favorite foods at the moment are cheese sandwiches, chunks of cheese, quavers, yogurts, bananas, raisins and strawberries. In a few weeks time we can start introducing cows milk so hopefully we can drop a breastfeed or two.

Daisy has been regularly shocking me with how much she’s developing and changing. I really don’t even know where to begin. She’s started pulling herself up and is starting to cruise along furniture and continues to do that more and more each day. She loves to ‘dance’ and ‘sing’ and clap her hands when she hears music. She’s totally mastered the crawling and just loves to explore around the house, you have to watch her so closely now. Whenever she sees the cat she crawls straight up to Felix and try’s to grab him and stroke him, it’s amazing to see her recognize something that she loves and get excited about it.

We’re trying to get Daisy to blow kisses and give kisses but at the moment she just makes the kissing sounds which is so cute. She was so cute the other morning when I walked off in one direction to take Charlie to school and James walked off in the other direction with Daisy in the pram and with Alfie, Daisy started waving bye to me, I wish she would stop growing up, time is passing too quickly.


We currently have the Christmas tree up at the moment and Daisy loves making a bee line for the Christmas tree in her baby walker, it’s a good job it’s not a real tree this year, I don’t think we’d have any needles left by now. Every day Daisy grabs a different object off the tree, she’s had crackers, baubles, tree chocolates and today grabbed a candy cane which I had to take off her!

11 months 6

Daisy is incredibly curious and energetic and loves to explore what’s going on around her. Last month, she discovered that it was fun to empty all the toy boxes, she just enjoys taking things out of the baskets and boxes around her. She’s also begun to use her toys in more advanced ways and will now actively stack and un stack toys, sometimes uses the shape sorter properly and can put the balls into the right holes on her sea lion toy, she just loves to play along side Charlie which is lovely to watch, she loves the Happy Land toys the most. Her new favorite thing at the moment is opening drawers when she’s in her baby walker in the kitchen, she just loves getting out the oven glove and having a good munch on it, I things oven gloves are the new way forward for teething babies!


We have one very independent young lady on our hands, she is very determined when she wants something and loves to shout when she’s not getting her own way. She will finish her breakfast and then continue to shout at you until you give in and feed her your breakfast too (Little Miss Greedy). We are down to one nap a day which is normally a late morning nap. Weight wise Daisy is around 18 lbs and is quite petite for her age, definitely not chunky like her brothers were at this age.


We are so excited for the coming weeks, we have Daisy’s first Christmas and her first birthday to look forward to. I think we’ll be looking like a toy shop by the end of December!

I can’t wait to write Daisy’s 12 month update, I’m excited to see what she’ll be doing when she turns one. We’re planning to take her to Clarks shoe shop to get her measured for her first pair of shoes and I can’t wait to share Daisy’s 1st birthday party photos with you all.


Happy Christmas everyone and thank you for reading


Corina x x x


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