It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Christmas is well and truly here in the Mann household, we’re a little early this year, we normally buy our real Christmas tree on the last weekend of November but sadly this year we’re not having one. We paid a visit to our local garden centre which made us feel all festive and really put us in the Christmas mood.

This year we have baby Daisy and because she’s just started crawling we thought it would be safer to go with an artificial tree this year, so no needle dropping this year. Daisy’s at the stage where everything goes in the mouth and I really don’t want her putting tree needles in her mouth and I don’t think a real tree would make it to the 25th of December with the way she’s bashing about in her baby walker!

Our advent calendars are hanging up ready and the boys are super excited to start opening those doors! We’re super excited for the 1st of December.

Today is the 26th November and today marks the 4 week countdown to Christmas, so 4 weeks today it will be Christmas eve! Yikes, I’m so excited! I’ve brought quite a few Christmassy bits over the last couple of weeks, I probably go a little over the top but I always strive to make the perfect Christmas and to make it extra special and magical for the little ones, my excuse is that it only happens once a year.

We popped to our local B&Q store to look at Christmas trees, I can’t believe how expensive they can be, there was a really beautiful one that was really realistic looking but was around £120 and we didn’t want to spend that much on a tree when it’s only going to be for this Christmas, next year I think we’ll return back to our normal tradition of buying a real tree. James picked the tree and settled on a tree for a bargain of £30 (he’s a bit tight when it comes to parting with his money!). I have this love/hate relationship with the tree but it will do. James really wanted a white tree but I had to reign him in a bit! White is really not my cup of tea, give me a traditional green one any day.

I’ve finally picked out a frame for my completed snowman cross stitch and I’m so proud of how it looks now it’s finished and framed, it was certainly worth the effort stitching it. The white wooden square frame was a bargain £4 from Wilko.

Xmas 2

Debenhams had a sale on recently so I treated myself to a Christmas throw which is the Red Fair Isle print fleece throw and was £19.60 in their sale. I liked the idea of jazzing up my old boring sofa in the kitchen and turning into a cozy Christmas sofa, we now have a lovely cozy corner right by the Christmas tree. I’ve also brought some Christmas cushion covers off Ebay and Amazon for the sofa, I can’t believe how cheap they are to buy. I decided to just buy just the covers and I’ll put them over some old cushions to jazz them up for Christmas. (I’ll post pictures when my cushions have arrived).

A few days ago something magical happened over night! The boys woke to find 2 little elves sitting in the Christmas tree sent from The North Pole. A week ago we finalized the boys letters to Santa and Alfie asked Santa in his letter if we could adopt an elf for Christmas (I think this tradition started last year in his class at school). We’ve still got to fill out the adoption details online but we’ve adopted Timmy and Donkey Who (Don’t ask!) this was Charlie’s choice. The elves sit and watch everything that’s going on and report back to Santa every night when the boys have gone to bed and return back each morning. There’s certainly been a bit of mischief with this pair of elves!


These arrived yesterday, I’ve brought matching tops for the boys and also one for James, these were from Next and they have a lovely Christmas family range where you can all be matching. I’ve not told James yet, I’m going to surprise him on Christmas day when I present this to him, I just thought it would add to the fun to have all the boys matching. Thank you Next for thinking outside the box and creating this fantastic range.


This year I’m going to make up some Christmas Eve boxes, I know it’s an American tradition but I love the idea of presenting the kids with a box of treats on Christmas eve, I’m going to do a separate blog post when I’ve done them and I’ll share with you what’s going inside each one. I’m thinking along the lines of new Christmas Jammies, some Christmas chocolate bits like chocolate coins, some Christmas books and maybe some hot chocolate and marshmallows for a Christmas eve treat. I’d love to know if anyone else does this and what you put in your boxes.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a festive Costa cup! I got really excited when I saw these, hot chocolate and marshmallows at this time of year are just the best. Me and my sis had a cheeky Costa and it was bliss, this has become our guilty secret.



Thanks for reading and we’ll be back soon with some more festive fun xxxxx


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