My Baby Girl is 10 Month’s Old!

Little Daisy is 10 months old. Can you believe it? It feels like just yesterday when I was pushing her into the world and to our shock and surprise she entered the world feet first!


In less than two months, I will have a one year old girl. Can I still call Daisy a baby when she turns one? Please tell me yes! I’m not ready to stop calling her my baby girl and kind of wonder if I will ever truly be ready?

Daisy’s strength has improved so much this past month, she can bomb around the kitchen in her baby walker, she can open cupboard doors and she just loves practicing walking with you, she’s learnt how to put one foot in front of the other and just looks so proud. I can’t wait to take her shoe shopping soon and get her measured for her 1st pair of shoes.

Movement wise Daisy still isn’t crawling properly but does this funny kind of army crawl and certainly knows how to get to her target. We also have a little bum shuffler, I’m amazed how fast this lady can move just on her little bottom! Who needs crawling hey? This little bunny has rejected crawling and has found her own technique to be independent, some days I think about attaching cloths to her bum so she can clean the floor at the same time! We’ve also had lots of pulling up on furniture, Daisy’s trying to stand up at every given opportunity.

We learned how to clap a few months ago and Daisy loves clapping so much still!! Pat-a-cake is her absolute favorite game and she just sits there clapping forever and gets the biggest, cheesiest smile. It just melts my heart when I see her interacting with Mr Tumble on the TV or Teletubbies, she sits there clapping and waving and it’s just lovely. Daisy just loves the TV (as do I), she loves any kind of fun theme songs and the Go Jetters are becoming one of her favorite theme songs, she’s so funny to watch sitting there bopping along to the music doing her little dance.

Daisy now weighs 18 pounds and is still in the 30th percentile but she’s growing slowly. She’s just a tiny little thing. Daisy is mainly in 6-9 month clothes. The 9-12 month clothes are still pretty big on her but I’m sure she’ll grow into them soon. Daisy is on 3 meals a day with snacks in between, Daisy loves yogurts, she gets all excited when she sees her little yogurt pot come out of the fridge and will pretty much eat anything that you give her, she’s not shy at trying new foods, I just hope this continues when she’s a little bit older. Daisy still takes one milk feed from me first thing in the morning, drinks juice or water throughout the day (mainly with me being back at work), and has a milk feed just before bed and still wakes 2-3 times throughout the night for comfort feeds. I really need to start dropping these but it’s easier said than done, sometimes you just do these things because they work, controlled crying and sleep training will be hard in our house especially with 2 sleeping boys in the next room.

Daisy now has 7 teeth in total, they just keep on coming! she does look funny now that she’s got little teeth, they just make her even cuter. Her big brothers are always on hand to help brush her little teeth.

Daisy is having just the one nap now which is around 10am and has decided to drop her afternoon naps, by 6pm when I get home from work she’s just absolutely knackered. I got home today and she was flat out and asleep so I never got to spend any time with her, we’ll make up for that tomorrow with me not working Tuesdays and Wednesdays, me and Daisy Doo are going to hit the shops and try and finish our Christmas shopping, I want to be done and dusted by mid November so we can then relax and enjoy the festivities. It also gives me more time to concentrate on planning Daisy’s first birthday party. I’ll share more with you at a later date.

Daisy’s also started saying a few more words, the usual – ‘hi’,’mama’, ‘bye bye’ and I think at one point I heard her say cat. She absolutely loves Felix our cat, she gets so excited when she sees him, she just makes a beeline for him when ever he enters the room.

Life is challenging with 3 children and exhausting, even more so now I’m back at work, there’s just endless washing and cleaning and the house constantly looks like Toys R Us but I wouldn’t have it any other way, there’s never a dull day in our house.  I’m looking forward to a crazy family Christmas but in a way I’m worried about where all the new toys are going to go, I think we definitely need to have a sort out to make way for new stuff.

The Jumperoo is going to have to be put away soon, I’m holding out until the end of November if I can, it’s been a great purchase and was well worth the money but Daisy just doesn’t seem interested anymore, she doesn’t want to be stuck in one place, she wants to be on the move and exploring which makes me sad about the Jumperoo but needs must and the Christmas tree’s got to go somewhere.

I think that’s everything for this month, we’ve got a couple of exciting months to come and I still can’t believe Daisy is going to be one. OMG!

Thanks for reading



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