A little Christmas haul

Today is exactly 8 weeks until Christmas, Facebook reminded me that there are only 8 Mondays left until the big day! 56 days to be exact according to my count down to Christmas app.


Christmas preparations are well under way and I definitely have Christmas fever! I can’t wait for all the Halloween stuff to disappear to make way for Christmas, definitely my favorite part of the year.

I’ve been busy getting organized for the festive period and thought I’d share some of my festive buys with you.

First on my list was a box of McVitie’s Victoria biscuits, I picked these up in Asda for £4, my boys love biscuits, who doesn’t love choccy biscuits? I actually picked these up for the promotion that McVitie’s are running to win a family trip to Lapland so a win all round. I just love stock piling for Christmas, there’s just so much yummy food around at this time of year. Whilst also in Asda I spotted tubs of Cadbury roses for £4.00, I always pick these up when I see these at £4.00, this is the best price I’ve seen them and are great to put away for Christmas.

Asda also have advent calendars in store at the moment so I picked some up for the little ones. Daisy’s got Milkybar buttons priced at £2, Charlie asked for George pig which was £2 and Alfie asked if he could have a Lindt chocolate reindeer one (gosh this boys got expensive taste!) priced at a whopping £5. The boys have also got their blox lego calendars which were £8 from Wilkinson’s, we thought we’d try something new with the boys this year so we’re putting them to the test.

I went for a mooch around Debenham’s the other morning, killing a bit of time before work. They have a gorgeous Christmas shop, it’s just magical, I’d definitely recommend going for a look round. I ended up coming out with a few Christmas bits for Daisy. Christmas pyjamas which were £11 in size 9-12 months, they have cute little reindeer feet on them. A lovely little red dress which is a 2 piece set and comes with a long sleeve cream coloured vest top, this was £14.00, I think this might be Daisy’s Christmas day outfit. I also picked up a little Christmas jumper a few weeks ago from Primark which is a sweatshirt style jumper and cost £6.

Today we ventured into Tesco and picked up some more bits for Daisy (gosh she’s one spoilt little lady). We picked up a little Santa hat which I couldn’t resist and this was £2.00 and size 6-12 months and also a little long sleeve vest that says My First Christmas also £2.00, I thought this would look nice with a pair of jeans. Daisy was born on the 29th December so just missed out on Christmas so this year we plan to make a big fuss with it being her first Christmas, she won’t really understand what’s going on but she’ll certainly have memories and photos to look back on.

Santa hat

My last purchases were from Next, I thought I would buy some Christmas gift wrap so I can start wrapping early this year, wrapping seems to be never-ending in our house and I seem to be the only one that does it! Men always seem to take a back seat when it comes to Christmas! I brought rolls that are 4 metre long and come with 4 tags, these are priced at £3.50 each, Next do a 3 for 2 offer on selected gift wrap making the price a bit more reasonable. I brought Tatty teddy because my sister loves Tatty ted, a cute penguin design on silver paper and some Belle (Beauty & the Beast) gift wrap which I couldn’t resist for Daisy, it’s so nice to be able to buy pink things and Disney!

gift wrap


I’ve picked up the boys Christmas pyjamas which I ordered online with Next and I’ve also got Daisy a matching pair too. I can’t wait for Christmas Eve so they can be all snug and matching. I love Next pyjamas, we had some Christmas ones from Next last year but they are a bit on the small side now and Charlie managed to put a hole in his trouser knee!

I absolutely love these ones, they are really soft and look really comfy. Daisy’s got 9-12 months and these were priced at £10, Charlie’s got age 5-6 priced at £12 and Alfie’s got size 7-8 priced at £13.00. I also picked up my PJ’s today from Next but these are a Christmas present to me from my sister, I’ve got the pink cat print ones priced at £25, I just can’t wait to put these on. They have matching ones for your little ones that start from age 3, I really wish Next would design them to start from age 1 upwards so me and Daisy can be matching too.


Thanks for Reading

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