Hooray for half term!

We are so excited for half term, I know the kids have only been back at school for about 6 weeks but it’s been a whirlwind 6 weeks. The boys started a whole new chapter in their lives and I returned back to work after having 11 months off on maternity leave which was a shock to the system! I’m about 4 weeks in and sometimes it feels like I’ve never been away. I do miss all the free time I had but returning back to work does make you appreciate your time at home and god I so look forward to my days off! Going back 3 days a week from full-time was definitely the right decision.

Charlie started in reception and he’s settled in really well, Alfie started at a new school which is a junior school and he’s settled in really well too. Both boys have had great feedback at parents evening, I can’t believe we’ve had parents evening after only being at school for 6 weeks. We’ve had everything flung at us over these past weeks, we’ve had parents evenings x 2, school photos x 2, trips to pay x 2, the book fair x 2, consent forms to sign x 2, Flu vaccines x 2. Everything is twice as hard now because it’s multiplied by 2 with Charlie starting school, I guess the key to success is to be super organized.

Charlie had a great last day of term, his class earnt themselves a treat for collecting lots of ladybird rewards over the term between them and all got the chance to go to school in their pyjamas. Charlie was super excited and had been looking forward to it all week, everyday he asked if it was Friday yet. Alfie also had a lovely last day too, all of his class had their faces painted as the Stitch head character from the latest Stitch Head book (It’s a book written by Guy Bass that’s recently been released) all the kids got to meet Guy and have their books signed.

I can’t tell you how nice it is to not have to get school uniforms ready, school bags, PE kits and lunch boxes, we can finally breathe for a week, well almost! Charlie brought home the family box on the last day of term so we have a mini project to complete over half term. I have 2 days off over half term and we plan to make the most of those 2 days and go out with the boys and do stuff, I’m also looking forward to some chill out time, I think a few movies and snuggles on the sofa are definitely on the agenda. The boys have a routine dentist appointment and I think it’s time to head to Clarkes to get their feet measured.

We are super organized and have already brought our pumpkins ready for Halloween, I really didn’t want the hassle that we went through last year, getting pumpkins last year was a real struggle due to the pumpkin shortage, there’ll definitely be no fighting over pumpkins this year! The boys are really looking forward to carving them, Asda did us proud and delivered 2 enormous pumpkins.

Whilst we’re on the subject of being super organized I have to confess I’ve already brought the boys advent calendars, a very nice lady who works in our local Wilko’s store recommended the Blox advent calendars, for those of you that have never heard of Blox it’s Wilko’s own brand of Lego and is compatible with normal Lego, I brought the boys some Blox lego recently to try out which was a bargain price of £1 each, there wasn’t much different between Blox and normal Lego so definitely value for money.

The calendars were £8 each and apparently they sell out really fast, I was thinking about getting Playmobil advent calendars this year but do find they are quite expensive. I will let you know what the boys think to them in December when we start our countdown to Christmas.

Only 63 days today until Christmas! I think I’m more exited than the kids! I’ve already been to our local garden centre twice, they have the most amazing Christmas section and it’s just magical, I can’t wait until the end of November so we can really go to town and turn the house into a magical Christmas wonderland, it’s Daisy’s first Christmas so it’s even more special. The boys absolutely dote on her and are super excited for her 1st Christmas. I’ll fill you in more on Daisy when I do her 10 month update but I can tell you we have more teeth!

I was really looking forward to writing a blog post all about our psychic night we had planned for Monday 23rd October but unfortunately our medium cancelled at the last-minute due to a family emergency (I wonder if she saw that one coming!) so we are trying to reschedule for a date in December.

I don’t think there will be a October competition blog post, it’s been a very quiet month on the winning front but that’s normal for comping, I guess you can say wins are like buses, sometimes there are none and then 3 come along at once! I’m looking forward to the advents starting in December. I apologize in advance to all my social media friends for the Christmas competition spam that’s about to come, I will not be offended if you want to unfollow me over the Christmas period or you could always come and join me!



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