Book Review – Home Wrecker by Jennifer Juan (Ad)

Book Review

I’ve never written a book review before, it’s always been something I’ve wanted to do. When the opportunity presented itself I jumped at the chance. It might seem like a small ambition to review a book but to me it’s quite a big thing. There are so many little things I want to do and I’m finally getting the confidence to do them.

I was a little nervous when I said yes to reviewing Home Wrecker, it’s not my everyday kind of book, I’m used to losing myself in a big chunky paper back novel but I saw this opportunity and decided to push myself out of my comfort zone and do something new

Home Wrecker is the third major collection by Jennifer Juan, the book is available as an eBook and Paperback, the book can be brought exclusively through Amazon.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started reading Home Wrecker, I’m not a big poetry fan but really lost myself in this book and just wanted to keep reading, I couldn’t seem to stop! I was instantly drawn into the seductive world and each poem seemed to hold a mysterious message that you really had to think about to understand it and make sense of it. Home Wrecker showcases both love, loss and heartbreak and is a very powerful book.

I couldn’t fully understand and relate to every poem but there were a few that touched me. The collection expresses great vulnerability, rawness and hurt and this is felt throughout the collection. Jennifer writes about the highs and lows that we all experience and go through in life.

One of my favorite poems from the book is “Depression is not real?” We have all experienced the lows in our lives and some of us have even suffered with depression but not many people fully understand it and how it affects the mind. This poem really hit home. I suffered with depression at an early age and was lucky enough to come out of the other side stronger than ever. Mental health is really close to my heart, I’ve watched family and friends suffer with depression and battle with mental health, it can rip your family apart, this one really touched my heart.


I wish Jennifer all the best with her new book, she is a truly amazing writer and poet and is such an inspiring and talented lady. I wish Jennifer well on her journey and I hope Home Wrecker does well and is a huge success.

You can purchase a copy of Home Wrecker by Jennifer Juan by clicking here

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***This is a personal blog post and all thoughts and opinions are my own, I have not been paid to write this blog post but have been gifted a copy of Home Wrecker by Jennifer***

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