Let There Be Light (Ad)

Today me and Alfie are having a bash at entering a new kind of competition which I stumbled across online, I’ve never entered a competition like this before but here goes! To enter we have to showcase 2 photos as per the competition entry rules, one in natural daylight (below) on the left and one using artificial lighting on the right, you can definitely see the difference with the lighting in the 2 photos.

I roped Alfie in as my little volunteer to pose for me, I did try photographing my 9 month old little Daisy but she wasn’t playing ball and wouldn’t look at the camera so I gave up on that idea. When I told Alfie what the prize would be he was more than happy to help. He wants to be a You Tuber when he’s older, he’s absolutely obsessed with You Tube. We would absolutely love to win £500 worth of vouchers to spend on photography equipment, blogging as become my passion and I think Alfie is following in my footsteps and he’s showing a keen interest in photography too. We’re keeping everything crossed. #LetThereBeLight

Check out Urban Cottage Industries for all your lighting needs, they have some really modern and funky lighting in their range.

You can follow and find out more about Urban Cottage Industries by clicking here



***This is a personal blog post and is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own***

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