9 Month Baby Update

My Baby girl is 9 Month’s Old!Wordpress10

Wow, 9 months old! Where did the time go? Daisy turned 9 months on the 29th of September. I can sadly say that my little baby girl is not going to be a baby for much longer and is almost a toddler. It’s crazy to watch your baby slowly grow into a little person right before your eyes and every time she does something new, I am reminded that my baby girl won’t be a baby forever. I absolutely love watching Daisy grow and explore but sometimes I just want time to SLOW DOWN, even more so with Daisy being our last baby.

Daisy hasn’t yet mastered crawling but can do a strange backwards crawl! She can do a 360 degree turn and a funny little bum shuffle! There have been many a times where we’ve had to rescue her and pull her out from under the sofa. Daisy can sit unaided and loves to roll over, she certainly makes nappy changing a challenge when she’s trying to roll all the time.

At 8 and a half months we introduced Daisy to a baby walker, it took her a while to get the hang of it but can now manoeuver her way around the kitchen. She loves exploring and is now starting to open cupboards, I think it’s time to get the cupboard locks out. We’ve had to confiscate any form of rubber ball, Daisy’s been parking her baby walker right next to the toy boxes, helping herself to the toys that she can grab and then started taking chunks out of the balls with her new little teeth.

We have more teeth! 3 bottom teeth and 2 top teeth, they just keep on coming! There has been biting on the boob and I’ve been saying “No” quite sternly but sometimes she just smiles or laughs, Daisy seems to think it’s funny when you say “No” and it’s SO hard to not smile or react. I really hope I can continue with the breastfeeding and the biting doesn’t get too painful. It’s not just the boob Daisy’s been biting, she’s bit my leg a few times too and also my shoulder whilst carrying her.

At 9 months I returned back to work part-time, it’s been hard for me to adjust back into the world of work but I’m more relaxed this time round knowing that Daisy is at home with my husband James and is well cared for, I no longer have to work around childcare which means everything is a lot more relaxed and we’ve got a great daily routine with Daisy and the boys.

The only down side to returning back to work has been Daisy’s afternoon breast feeds, the first day that I left her she took a bottle of formula from James fine but on the 2nd day she’d worked it out and refused point-blank. I’m persevering and hanging in there, if we’re going to cut this afternoon feed out then I need to stick to my guns and not give in to her on my days off when she demands my milk in the middle of the afternoon. The last few days at work have been a little uncomfortable in the boob department but this should settle down once by body adjusts, Friday afternoon at work was agony!

At around 8 months Daisy learnt how to wave and can say bye-bye and hello, she also says mama and dadda and has just recently started making these funny grunting noises, I think it’s her little way of communicating with us when she wants something. I love that she now holds her arms out to you when she wants to be picked up.

Daisy still wakes about 3-4 times through the night for a breast feed, I’m not sure whether it’s for comfort, thirsty or just habit. Daisy goes down to bed at around 6.30pm and has been in her routine for a couple of months now, she usually wakes up around 6.30/7.00am.

Daisy loves trying and eating solids. Right now, she is having solids in the morning, lunch time and for evening dinner. She is still eating a mix between purees and bite-sized foods. Her favorites are bite size pieces of cheese, bananas, strawberries, yogurts, biscotti and spaghetti bolognaise but she will literally eat anything! Also, Daisy’s just learned how to take her bib off, so the messy eater just got messier!


  • Grinding her new teeth together
  • Bath time
  • Bouncing and jumping up and down in her Jumperoo
  • Watching and petting Felix our cat (we’re working on the “gentle touches”)
  • Cheese and everything cheesy
  • Music – Daisy loves dancing and bopping away to music
  • Loves being outside
  • Swinging on the swings at the park
  • Banging on her high chair tray
  • Rolling all over the place
  • Twirly Woos, Teletubbies & Mr Tumble (I guess anything that begins with T)
  • Her brothers, she loves the attention she gets from them
  • Mobile phones and tablets – Daisy always makes a grab for these


  • Getting dressed
  • Having her nose wiped
  • Having her hair brushed
  • When you walk out of the room (Separation anxiety has begun)
  • Being in one place for too long
  • Wearing a bib, she pulls these straight off, even the ones that go over the head
  • Wearing hats, these get pulled off too


We’ve had to buy a new car seat this month, Daisy still fits in her Silver Cross Simplicity car seat but because it’s part of our travel system it was just getting too heavy to lift in and out of the car so we’ve brought a new one that now stays permanently in the car. Daisy is still in 6-9 month clothes, she’s quite petite for her age, I don’t know if it’s just because she’s a girl or just totally different to how her brothers were at this age, they were both chunky monkeys.

We’re so excited for the next few months, we can’t wait for the crawling, walking and talking to begin. Birthday preparations are well under way and we’re all really looking forward to marking the occasion, I can’t believe my baby will be ONE in 3 months time.

***This is a personal blog post and is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own***

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