Just one of those funny days!

When my alarm went off this morning at 7am I was just in the middle of a dream, it wasn’t a very nice dream but it seemed very real. In the dream I’d just arrived at the dentist and there were hundreds of people in the waiting room, they asked to see my maternity exemption card which I’d forgotten to bring, I went to sit down in the waiting area which was strangely outside, I then found myself wondering off into a big old haunted looking house which I’m guessing was meant to be my home and I was then running around the house looking for my exemption card.

When I’m nervous about things I tend to dream about them, I’m not sure if it’s just me or if that happens to anyone else? We did the whole getting up and getting ready for school routine and I thought I would check my purse for my maternity exemption card and to my horror it had gone, I turned my purse, handbag and bedroom drawers upside down looking for it but couldn’t find it. I think the fairies have been in again and moved it because now it’s nowhere to be found!

I managed to get to the dentist in plenty of time so that I could register Charlie (my youngest son) and request for my surname to be changed to my married name, it’s only taken me a year and a half to do this. I really get anxious going to the dentist, I try not to show it in front of my boys, I don’t want them to have a fear of the dentist like their daddy, well that’s another story!

I had to have the scrape and polish and thank goodness I didn’t have to pay for it, it would have cost £20.60 to visit the torture chamber today if I hadn’t been exempt due to my maternity. I thought I would squeeze in one more visit to the dentist before it runs out in January. I sat there in the dentist chair with hands tightly gripped together, closing my eyes and trying to think happy thoughts which was extremely hard when you’ve got someone going at your teeth and gums with what I can only describe as a pick axe, thank goodness it only happens once every 6 months.

I picked Charlie up at 1.45pm from school and he came out soaking wet, his hair, coat, jumper and trousers were wet through, I kept asking how he got wet and the only response I got was “I can’t remember” so this remains an unsolved mystery. He did better today with his school dinner which was pizza, banana and jelly for pudding, I’ve been worrying over the last few days with Charlie not eating much of his school dinners and have been considering packed lunches. I really don’t want to have to revert to packed lunches but what option do you have when your 4-year-old won’t touch the school dinners? We’re trialing them for a bit longer as it’s still early days and it’s all new to him. His dinners are free so we really need to make the most of them.

After school pick up, me, Charlie and Daisy went to pick up my sister so we could take her to work at East Midlands Airport. Natalie’s had a rough time over these last few days, her car’s just died on her and she’s had quite an ordeal at work recently on board one of her flights where a passenger took ill whilst in flight and needed CPR, he hung in there until they could divert to land but sadly died in the ambulance on his way to the hospital. I know and Natalie knows deep down that she did her best and did every thing she could to save him but sometimes life throws us a curve ball and knocks us off course. I am immensely proud of her as it takes guts and courage to do the job that she does, I certainly couldn’t do it and I don’t know how I would have coped in that situation.

I’ve not done an awful lot today but it’s partly because today as been one of those funny days, I’ve been in and out for most of the day which as meant quite a bit of clock watching. We did manage to get round to lowering Daisy’s cot, she’s not quite pulling herself up yet but I don’t think it will be long and I don’t want her falling out of her cot. I’ve also had to alter the height on her Jumperoo, my final little baby is growing so fast.

Tea time came and went in a blur and Alfie arrived home from his friend’s house, we have a nice arrangement in place with his friend Lewis and his parents, we take turns to do the school drop offs and pick ups and they alternate going to each others houses for play dates, it’s lovely to have made friends with such nice people and the bonus is that they live on the same road so they’re only a stone throw away.

In our house 5.30pm becomes the witching hour and all the kids start whining and playing up, Daisy started to get tired and Alfie was being rather emotional this evening, he had a small accident at the park on his way home from school and bumped his head. In his words today was apparently the worst day of his life, I think he was just tired and when he gets tired he becomes an emotional wreck. They are all now tucked up in bed and Alfie’s got his hot water bottle for comfort and all is well again.

The Asda online shop is all done, the house is nice and tidy once again and it’s now officially ‘me time’. I’m going to finish writing this blog post and then it’s a toss-up between a bit of cross stitching or back to the DS to try to thrash this really tricky level on Super Mario Bros 2 that the boys keep begging me to complete, I will not give up and damned if I’ll be defeated. Looks like the Nintendo wins!


***This is a personal blog post and is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own***

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