Back to school!

This week was our final week before returning back to school and starting a new routine. We treated the boys to a day out at Drayton Manor, they were running a flash sale on their website and so we took advantage of their half price ticket sale and also traded in our Tesco Clubcard points.  We thought it would be quiet on a Monday with most schools returning back to school but how wrong were we? I think everyone with a child under 5 had the same idea!

It was a lovely day out for the boys but the constant queuing for rides did become rather annoying. Alfie got to ride his very first roller coaster and rode the Accelerator ride, he absolutely loved it, Charlie on the other hand was happy just to explore Thomas Land, he’s not quite ready for the fast adrenaline rides.

We left Drayton Manor around 5pm and only got 5 minutes into the journey before we had to stop for a poo stop! Both boys decided that they desperately needed a poo so we ended up stopping at McDonald’s and decided to grab some dinner whilst there.

On Wednesday it was a last-minute dash into Nottingham City Centre by bus to hunt down a black hoodie for Alfie’s PE Kit, somehow this one item of school clothing had been overlooked which meant a mad dash into town to find one, good old Primark came to the rescue at a bargain £5. Whilst in town we decided to check out the new Krispy Kreme which had opened recently in Victoria Centre, there was a bit of a queue but it was worth it, I exchanged my voucher that I’d won on Instagram for 12 delicious glazed doughnuts.

Thursday was a bit of a shock to the system and the boys returned back to school, Alfie started at his new junior school and Charlie started his first day in reception. I had to take Charlie in to his new classroom and had to show him his coat peg and tray and then settled him at the drawing table, we did our usual kiss, cuddle, high-five and fist bump before I left him, I was shocked that he never even turned round to wave goodbye, he just got right into it and made me so proud.

I then made a mad dash to Alfie’s school to try to see Alfie before he went in but I arrived a few minutes too late and missed him which made me a bit sad and gutted, I was absolutely sweating and doubled up with stitch. James said he went in fine and was all excited about starting his new school.

On Friday we were better organized, I agreed that I would just take Charlie and Daisy and spend time getting Charlie settled and James would take Alfie, they rode their bikes to school which Alfie loved, he’s getting so good at riding his bike and his confidence is growing day by day.

We spent the weekend just relaxing and taking it easy, James’ parents came up for the day from Birmingham and spent the day with us. We decided to take them to Nottingham City Airport that we recently discovered which is only a 10 minute drive from our house. They’ve got a lovely little cafe where you can sit and have coffee and cake (my 2 favourite pleasures) and watch the small planes taking off and landing on the very small run way with its very own miniature control tower!

We ended Saturday evening with a family meal out and a bit of X Factor and Cold Feet from Friday evening.

Sunday was just another chill day catching up with a few household jobs and washing and making sure all the little ones were bathed ready for a new day at school and uniform ready. Having a routine and being organized definitely works for us, especially now we are a family of 5. We had family come over and spend the day with us which was lovely but it’s also nice when everyone leaves and you can get your house nice and tidy again. I just love settling down in the evening with a nice tidy house.

***This is a personal blog post and is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own***

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