Daisy’s 8 Month Update – 29th August 2017

It’s the 29th of August and we’re marking the milestone of hitting 8 months old, where are the months going?

Daisy is full on solids now having 3 meals a day with snacks in between meals and is having around 3 short milk feeds a day along with 2 naps, one nap around 10AM and an afternoon nap around 2PM.

On the 14th of August Daisy’s 1st top tooth cut through and a few days before turning 8 months her 2nd top tooth appeared. We’ve had lots of dribbling and everything goes in her mouth.

Daisy can fully sit up on her own now without support and when on her tummy she can turn her body, she’s not quite crawling yet but somehow seems to be able to move herself backwards and has dissappered under the sofa a few times, she’s trying her hardest to move her body and I don’t think it will be long before she grasps it. Daisy has also started to babbling and I think she’s said mamma and hello a few times. We’ve introduced the baby walker this month, Alfie cracks me up because he keeps calling it a walker roo, I think he’s getting mixed up with the jumperoo!

We may have to get rid of Daisy’s bouncer chair soon as she’s worked out an escape route and leans out of it, causing her to end up a bit stuck, I’ll be sad to part with it, we’ve had the chair right from when Alfie was born and has served us well with 3 babies. I think that’s all for this update. We’re off to Thomas Land tomorrow which will be Daisy’s first time visiting a theme park, I hope we have a fantastic day and plan on making lots of happy memories.

***This is a personal blog post and is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own***


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