Daisy’s 7 Month Milestone

On Saturday the 5th of August Daisy sat all by herself for the first time, we’ve been practicing this daily to strengthen her muscles and she is finally getting her balance, I can’t wait until Daisy can do this confidently so she can sit with a basket of toys and happily play without face planting the carpet.

Daisy currently has 2 bottom teeth but I think there are more on their way, we’ve had lots of dribble, everything is going straight into her mouth and these past 2 weeks she’s had really bad nappy rash and is so sore.

Food wise Daisy is now on 3 meals a day with snacks in between meals which are finger foods, we have moved onto the stage 2 lumpier baby food and so far Daisy seems to eat pretty much anything and everything we give her.

This week I’ve tried to drop her afternoon breastfeed which she normally has around 2pm, she is being a little madam and refusing to take formula, so far I’ve tried 2 different beakers and 2 different baby bottles, I’ve even tried two different types of formula, Cow & Gate and Aptimil. She has really taken to her new pink Mam beaker but will only drink fruit water from it and just spits out the milk. I guess we just chance it when I go back to work and she just adapts to me not being there for that afternoon feed.

We are still exclusively breastfeeding and Daisy has her first feed when she wakes around 6am, she’ll have another small feed shortly after her baby porridge which is normally around 8am, she then goes till about 2pm and then her final feed is just before bed at 5.45pm. Daisy goes down to sleep at 6pm but tonight she has pushed that to 7pm which might have been due to the long nap she had this afternoon. Daisy normally wakes twice through the night and has a comfort feed each time just to settle her back to sleep.

Daisy is loving her jumperoo at the moment and we can’t imagine life without it, I have no idea how I managed to entertain my other 2 when they were babies. Nappy times are a nightmare at the moment, Daisy just rolls all the time when you place her on her changing mat and is such a little wriggler.

This week Daisy has started to become more vocal and has started to say Ba Ba Ba, the boys think it’s great and think that she’s starting to talk now, I can’t believe how attached they are to their little baby sister, they absolutely dote on her. Not only is Daisy babbling but she’s also finding out how much fun it is to bang objects on her highchair table.

We don’t currently have any crawling yet but she does try and gets really frustrated when she can’t work out how to move. Daisy is also going through a phase of separation anxiety, when ever I leave the room she just cries, I think she’s got me well and truly wrapped around her little finger!


Daisy Goggles




Daisy Sitting up

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